How can I reduce my fatty liver

Cure fatty liver with healthy diet

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Alcohol, sugar and white bread make the liver fatty. Up to 80 percent of all overweight people and almost all diabetics have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) - and the number of those affected is increasing. Every third overweight child already suffers from a fatty liver. Fatty liver can promote the development of diseases such as kidney failure, osteoporosis, cancer and diabetes. But with the right diet you can protect the liver and in many cases even cure fatty liver. A lot of things that taste bitter and hot and stimulate the metabolism are good for the liver, for example fresh herbs, vegetables and spices.

Fatty liver due to being slightly overweight

The liver is the most important metabolic organ in the human body. Three million liver cells can carry out more than 500 biochemical processes. They detoxify the body, produce and store proteins and utilize fats. Obesity can damage the liver just as much as alcohol. With a corresponding predisposition, even a slight overweight can result in fatty liver. This is particularly tricky, because especially in slim and slightly overweight people, fatty liver is often recognized very late and treated appropriately.

Artichoke hearts with avocado puree

The buttery pulp of the avocado contains glutathione, the most powerful of the antioxidants known to date. It helps the liver make new cells and so heal. more

Recipes for fatty liver

Dishes with little carbohydrates, but lots of vegetables and good fats - the recipes are delicious and quick to cook. more

Symptoms and diagnosis of fatty liver

In order to prevent secondary diseases such as diabetes and cancer, fatty liver should be detected as early as possible. However, since it usually hardly causes any symptoms, it is usually discovered by chance during an ultrasound examination of the upper abdomen or during a blood test (increase in so-called transaminases). Occasionally, those affected report fatigue or a slight feeling of pressure in the right upper abdomen. If bile congestion in the liver occurs as a result of fatty liver inflammation, symptoms such as severe itching and yellowing of the eyes and skin may occur.

This is how fatty liver develops

A lack of exercise and improper diet play a role in the development of fatty liver, especially if the proportion of carbohydrates in the diet is too high. The liver builds the fatty acid palmitic acid from carbohydrates. It makes the cholesterol level rise much more than the fat in food.

Treat fatty liver

In order to stop the fatty degeneration of the liver and relieve the organ, those affected must above all reduce their weight. Then the fatty liver can regress again. A liver-friendly diet with omega-3 fatty acids and only a few complex carbohydrates, i.e. a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate and protein-rich diet, helps. Caution is advised with fruit and fruit juices, because the fruit sugar (fructose) they contain increases the fat storage in the liver and promotes inflammation.

Experts on the subject

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