What do bus drivers hate most?

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A passenger shouts from the back of the bus: "That was already red!"

The bus driver yells back: "Not up here yet, you smart ass!"


Four men are approaching the 15th hole. The first golfer hits the ball over the fence on the left with a hook. The ball flies onto the street, jumps up there and hits a passing bus, claps from it and jumps directly onto the green.

Everyone is amazed. Then someone asks the golfer: "Tell me, how do you do that?"

He replies without hesitation: "You have to have the bus schedule in your head."


A mother rides on the bus with her 8-year-old daughter. Some hookers are standing at a bus stop looking for customers.

"Mommy, what kind of women are they there?"

"These are wives waiting for their husbands!"

The bus driver turns around and says: "Don't tell the kid such shit! They are hookers who fuck for money!"

"Mommy, if they fuck, they'll have babies too. What will happen to them?"

Says the mother: "Bus driver!"


A woman comes on the bus with her child in her arms.

Says the bus driver: "Man, you have an ugly child!"

Shocked and still angry, the woman gets on the bus.

Opposite her sits a man who asks the woman: "Man, why are you so upset?"

The woman replies: "Well, listen, the bus driver over there insulted my child!"

Then the man: "Well, that's not possible! Go to the front and complain, I'll hold your monkey for so long!"


A pretty female passenger asks a taxi driver to come into the apartment. He feels flattered and likes to come along.

When they arrive at the apartment, the woman says: "Take off your clothes, I'll come to you in a moment." and goes into the next room. So the taxi driver undresses and looks expectantly at the door.

Then the woman comes again, followed by three children, and says: "Look here, children, you will look so ugly if you don't always eat well!"


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