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8 songs about life as a gay man

Butterflies in the stomach, great love, lovesickness - in these songs from the perspective of gay men and boys.

In recent years there have been more and more musicians who are openly gay and who deal with the subject of homosexuality in their songs. It's not just about a man singing about his love for another man, other phases of life can also feel different for gay boys and men than for heterosexuals. We have put together eight songs about gay life for you.

1. Years & Years - "Ties"

The British pop trio Years & Years was one of the most successful newcomers of 2015. Their single "King" was an absolute global success and also at number 1 in our charts. Front man Olly Alexander made no secret of his sexuality from the start: In an interview with the "Evening Standard" he said "My lyrics are about same-sex relationships, that's me!"

The song "Ties" is about a relationship in which not everything goes smoothly. Only one of the two wants a steady relationship. The other does not want to commit, prefer to live it out and the feelings of the partner fall by the wayside.

2. Years & Years - "Real"

It is similar in "Real". Here Olly is even ready to bend over for his lover. It's about the feeling of doing anything for a person to be loved.

3. Frank Ocean - "Forrest Gump"

Hip hop is still dominated by straight men. Unfortunately, homophobic texts are still part of everyday life. The rapper Frank Ocean was still brave and confessed to his sexuality in a post on Tumblr after the release of his album "Channel Orange".

The song "Forrest Gump" is about the famous love story between Jenny and Forrest from the classic film of the same name. Frank takes Jenny's perspective and turns the story into a tribute to a man he loves.

4. Sam Smith - "Like I Can"

He sang a Bond song and even won an Oscar for it. Sam Smith is probably one of the most successful gay musicians in the world today. He sings about his relationships with men on his album In The Lonely Hour, which has sold eight million copies.

His song "Like I Can" is about the feeling when you want to make it clear: "He will never be able to love you as I do."

5. Troye Sivan - "for him."

YouTube sensation, actor and singer Troye Sivan has been making a name for himself for several years with film roles and viral YouTube videos. In 2013 he took the plunge and released his coming-out video, which of course spread like wildfire. In his texts he deals with his experiences as a gay boy with all the ups and downs that this entails.

Troye dedicated his first album "Blue Neighborhood" to a very special person: his friend. The song "for him." As the name suggests, revolves around this relationship. Troye talks about how well they go together, how they make the city unsafe and that you don't even have to say "I love you" to say "I love you".

6. Troye Sivan - "BITE"

The first visit to a gay club or bar can be quite exciting, and Troye also processes this experience on his album. "BITE" is about desire and curiosity, but also about the fear of being hurt in the process.

7. Adam Lambert - "Outlaws Of Love"

At American Idol, Adam Lambert was able to secure second place in the eighth season. This was followed by a solo career, which many winners of the show would certainly like. In addition to his own music, he toured as a singer for Queen in 2011.

To set an example for the opening of marriage in the United States, he released the song "Outlaws Of Love". Adam's activism also seems to be bearing fruit: The song was released in 2012 and homosexuals are now allowed to marry in all 50 states of the USA.

8. Mika - "Good Guys"

Mika's music can be described as colorful. Songs like "Grace Kelly" and "Relax, Take It Easy" always put you in a good mood. The 32-year-old released his current album "No Place in Heaven" in 2015.

On the album's third single, "Good Guys", Mika complains that there are no longer any gay role models for the new generations. The song is also an appeal to all homosexual musicians to deal more with the topic in their own music.

All eight gay songs are also available in their own playlist: