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The 10 best cities in India for nightlife

India is known around the world for its rich culture and tradition. There is a newfound side to this old country, however, and that is its colorful nightlife that thrives in the cities. With the growing corporate culture and the fact that every second person is a teenager, pubs, discos, lounges, music concerts and lively restaurants have found their way into the nightlife of Generation Y in India. Would you like to get an impression of it? Here is our list of the top cities in India where to go to a great party.


First on our map is Goa. Well this isn't a city, but trust us when we say every part of this state has a party when the night starts. With cheap drinks and a range of beaches, Goa is the place for you. Discos, beach parties, jazz concerts, full moon trance parties, rave parties - you name it and it's there for you. Casinos are pretty famous here too. Goa is one of the best places in the country to celebrate the New Year. If you're in the mood for a never-ending party then Baga Beach is where you need to be.


"The City of Dreams" or "The Maximum City", Mumbai has always had many names. In addition to Bollywood and glamor, nightlife is also known for the city. Here you will find some of the best-known international celebrities, DJs and bands making the rounds at parties and entertaining the huge crowd here. Insomnia at the Taj Mahal Hotel is very popular for parties in Mumbai. Enigma, Fire n Ice, and Totos are also attractive. For a vintage-style party head to the Harbor Bar in the Taj Mahal, but if you're more casual, Colaba Social is the best place.


If you are someone who loves diversity in their nightlife, the capital is where you should go. From cozy pubs to chic bars, Delhi has something for every taste, budget and mood. Connaught Place has a large number of casual bars and nightclubs with fun cocktails. However, if you want to party in style, the Kylin Sky Bar in Vasant Kunj is the best place for you. If you're a bit of a karaoke enthusiast, then you should definitely check out Harry's Karaoke Lounge Bar on Hudco Place. You can also go to Hauz Khas Village, which feels like a small town full of fashion boutiques and lounges.

Bangalore (Bangalore)

Bangalore is the country's IT hub and has a huge workforce of young people from far and wide. The technicians here surely know how to keep the balance between the workers. That is a likely reason why the city is also called the Pub Capital of India - the central M. G. Road alone consists of over 40 pubs. If you love beer then Bangalore would be the best place to party as there is a wide variety of brewpubs and cool places for friends and colleagues.


The city of Pune has lounges, clubs, discos and pubs in abundance. Wild parties are held here all year round, and rock shows and music concerts are held every night. A large part of Pune's population are college students, hence such a vibrant nightlife. Similar to Bangalore, the brewpubs in Pune are hot and hip. There are also a number of themed bars that are an attraction for the youth here.


Celebrating in Hyderabad guarantees the best night. With numerous clubs, discos and lounges, you'll be forced to spend the night sipping some fun cocktails and dancing to good music. Rain Escape, Hard Rock Café, Touch, F Bar, 99 MHz, and Under Deck are some of the best places to have fun in town. While you are partying here, you are among the pros, Hyderabad is the second IT center in India, after Bangalore.


For a fun and energetic nightlife, there is no better place in India than Chandigarh. Just like the bustling people of Punjab, the Chandigarh nightlife is full of energy. No matter where you go, Punjabi music will dominate the parties here. The Oriental Lounge, the Zinc Lounge, Arizona, the Lava Bar, the Vintage Terrace Lounge Bar, and the Antidote are some of the most popular places to experience a fun nightlife. If clubbing is your thing, then Chandigarh will take you to another level.


Jaipur is famous all over the world for its magnificent forts and palaces and is also a place to experience an exciting nightlife. There are more and more nightclubs and bars with concerts and dance shows here. This is also where the Jaipur Lit Festival takes place, which is like a big city-wide party. Popular excursion destinations include Devil's Club, Café Kooba, Venom Lounge, Amigos Bar & Disco, B2B and Angara Wavs.


Kolkata is a mix of the traditional and the modern. The same is also reflected in the city's nightlife. The city's thriving party scene includes various musical genres such as jazz, hip-hop, blues and disco. The most famous of all the night clubs in Kolkata is Tantra, which is located on Park Street. But you can also explore other well-known bars and pubs such as Bluzz and Aqua.


The city of Nashik in Maharashtra is known for the superbly put together Sula Festival and is gradually becoming a cultural hub. Since the city is also known as the Wine Country, you can find some great places to party and hang out with friends. The electronic music festival, Sunburn Reload, has also been held here a number of times. All in all, Nashik is nothing short of a fantastic party place.

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