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They often only cost a few centsWarning of mega bargains on Amazon

Don't let these bargains seduce you!

The consumer advice center North Rhine-Westphalia warns of the cheapest offers on the Amazon marketplace - here products are sometimes offered for a few cents.

But whoever strikes and orders the goods, often pays heavily on the shipping costs.

Especially when it comes to clothes and small appliances such as fitness trackers or wristwatches, dealers offer huge shipping costs. At a sample the consumer advice center, the invoice amount was sometimes well over 20 euros instead of a few cents.

In their trial purchases, the consumer advocates had to add an average of 15.62 euros per item for shipping. In some cases it was even 25.99 or 29.99 euros.

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Why do retailers even offer their products for a few cents? "This puts them in the top position when looking for the cheapest price," explains Georg Tryba from the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer center.

In fact, the search results on Amazon can be sorted by price, among other things, starting with the cheapest. Then the cent offers end up at the top of the hit list.

BILD tried it out, looked for running shoes. Right at the top of the hits were women's sneakers for an amazing 0.06 euros!

It wasn't until the order was placed that it became clear that the invoice would be a much higher sum: 22.05 euros. Because the dealer charged a hefty 21.99 euros for packaging and shipping.

"This is how retailers want to conceal the real price, which is made up of the price of the goods and shipping costs when buying online," explains consumer advocate Tryba.

A look at the announced delivery times shows that the high shipping costs cannot be explained by a super-fast express delivery. For the sneakers discovered by BILD, delivery should take between 14 and 21 working days.

The reason is apparently that the providers of the supposed mega bargains are based in China. From there they send their cheap goods to Germany.

Amazon has already deleted cent offers

What does Amazon say about the shipping cost trap? "Should sales partners violate the contractual provisions they have accepted, we will immediately take measures to protect our customers," said a spokesman for BILD. “The products in question have been removed. The current investigations will continue. "

Customers should be able to shop with confidence at Amazon at any time, the company continues. “With the Amazon A-to-Z guarantee, customers are protected when ordering from sales partners. If a product does not arrive or if it deviates from the advertised condition, customers can contact Amazon customer service. "

The consumer advice center also advises that buyers should keep Amazon's A-to-Z guarantee in mind. It states that customers from marketplace sellers are taking certain circumstances receive a refund from Amazon.

In order not to fall for alleged penny bargains, the consumer advocates also recommend "when searching for a product, do not choose the list based on the cheapest product, but always set the list according to 'price and shipping'", says Tryba. This applies in particular to price search engines. Such a listing is not possible on Amazon.