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Training - ORACLE database administration

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  • Live online or presence
  • 4REAL
    4REAL © stands for a new generation of advanced training: heterogeneous and customizable training for a sustainable transfer of learning into the work environment.

After the "ORACLE database administration" seminar, you will know the structure of an ORACLE database system and know how to install, manage and analyze it using the tools available. The seminar is a good basis for daily work as a DBA.

Our learning platform LearningHub @Cegos is part of this face-to-face seminar. In addition to the digital seminar documents, the training is enriched with additional learning formats and media. In order to achieve a sustainable transfer of knowledge in everyday work, the seminar is implemented according to our 4REAL process model.

This seminar is part of the ORACLE DBA qualification plan.

Who should attend:

target group

The "ORACLE database administration" training course is aimed at prospective database administrators as well as application developers, system administrators and consultants who take on tasks in the DBA area.


The "ORACLE database administration" training requires basic knowledge of relational databases, preferably ORACLE, as well as knowledge of SQL in accordance with sem. 4051 ORACLE and SQL.


  • Definitions of terms
  • Logical and physical structure
  • ORACLE installation
  • What's new in current versions

Software architecture:

  • ORACLE process structure
  • Data Dictionary and Data Dictionary Views
  • Globalization support

Database installation:

  • Manually or via the DBCA (database configuration assistant)

Database administration:

  • SGA
  • Administration of an instance
  • Initialization parameters and SPFILE
  • Starting and stopping an instance
  • Management of control files, redolog files
  • Storage structures: block, extent, segment, tablespace
  • Creation and administration of big file and small file tablespaces
  • Undo management
  • Fast recovery area
  • statistics


  • User administration and schema concept
  • Allocation of system and object privileges
  • The role concept
  • User profiles
  • Password encryption and password files

Backup and recovery:

  • Backup and recovery strategies
  • Archiving
  • Flashback Database
  • Flashback table
  • Recyclebin

Network files:

  • SQL * Net
  • Setting up the client and server
  • Connection establishment

Tips and Tricks:

  • Performance problems
  • reorganization
  • Storage problems
  • Network problems
  • Connection of databases in the cloud


  • SQL * Plus
  • SQL Developer
  • SQL * loader
  • Data Pump Export / Import

Training method

Lecture, demonstrations on the system and discussion. You can use your own exercise database to try out and consolidate what you have learned in practical exercises.


The current ORACLE version is used.

  • From Jun 21 to Jun 25, 2021
  • From 26 Jul to 30 Jul 2021
  • From 26 Jul to 30 Jul 2021
    Integrata Cegos GmbH Munich
    Luitpoldstrasse 3, 1st floor (Elisenhof)
  • From 16 Aug to 20 Aug 2021
    Integrata Cegos GmbH Hamburg
  • From 06 Sep to 10 Sep 2021
  • From 06 Sep to 10 Sep 2021
    Integrata Cegos GmbH Munich
    Luitpoldstrasse 3, 1st floor (Elisenhof)
  • From 04 Oct to 08 Oct 2021
    Integrata Cegos GmbH Frankfurt
  • From Oct 25 to Oct 29, 2021
  • From Oct 25 to Oct 29, 2021
    Integrata Cegos GmbH Düsseldorf
  • From 06 Dec to 10 Dec 2021
    Integrata Cegos GmbH Stuttgart
Training - ORACLE database administration

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