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Mastering mental stress: 5 tips to recharge your batteries

There is nothing worse for our immune system than negative emotions like Anxiety and stress. Stress leads to an increased production of cortisol in the body, which is therefore called the "stress hormone". These stress hormones weaken our entire organism.

A weakened immune system is prone to infectious diseases. In times when we actually want to be strong, that's not good. The uninterrupted corona reporting poisons our subconscious and thus reduces ours Immune system. But only a healthy immune system can protect us against viruses!

It is not the virus alone that makes us sick. The consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise and stress also play a major role. Lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity also weaken our immune system.

Many of these diseases can be caused by a more conscious and healthier way of life be prevented. Because what we do every day determines our quality of life.

Everything we think, do and consume has a long-term effect on our health - for better or for worse.

What you can do to get the healthy body and mind that you want is in your own hands! There are easily workable ways to get around Mitigate stress symptomsto promote positive thoughts and permanently strengthen your immune system:

5 tips what you can do now to get to your full strength

1. Stock up on vitamin D.

The sun is the most important source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin but a hormone and is required by all cells in the body. At Vitamin D deficiency certain substances can no longer be produced, which means that you are not in top shape. Vitamin D is therefore an important key to health.

2. Moving in the air

Running clears the mind and increases it Oxygen levels in the body. So let's get out! Enjoy spring now and let the fresh air into your airways, preferably in the forest. To do this, take off your shoes and walk a little barefoot. So can Antioxidants, which are necessary to strengthen our immune system, are absorbed naturally (and also for free!).

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3. Fast in between times

You can do "short-term fasting," so Liquid food only for 24 hours in the form of superfood smoothies, tea and water. As a starting point for a Fasting week "Alkaline fasting" is also suitable. Only basic and no acidic foods are served on the plate. Above all, there are many types of fruit and vegetables. It is a fasting method that allows you to eat delicious and healthy food without starving. Fasting can be beneficial and strengthens the immune system.

4. Meditate regularly

Mediation is a mental training of calm and clarity and also strengthens the immune system. This has now been proven by numerous scientific studies. Regular meditation:

  • reduces stress
  • promotes serenity
  • stimulates the release of happiness hormones

There is nothing easier than to sit down and pause, close your eyes and let your thoughts run free.

5. Think positively

Anyone who has a positive outlook on life has one greater psychological resilience and greater resilience, i.e. he can cope better with stress and challenges.

A positive attitude towards life can be learned.

Try to be aware of all the beautiful things in everyday life and to be grateful for them. Put your focus on the positive things and write them down at the end of the day. You alone decide whether you let yourself be guided by positive emotions and thoughts or whether yours Everyday life is determined by negative feelings becomes. Thinking positively requires mindfulness with your own thoughts - and of course a little practice.

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Strengthen the immune system & stay fit

There is a lot you can do yourself to maintain a healthy immune system. To be mentally strong and physically fit, we need one healthy mind and body. You don't need a complicated training plan for that. There are easy to implement methods that you can incorporate into your everyday life. Above all, health and happiness begins with leaving behind the wrong things.

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Ute Schlieper is an expert in FREEDOM OF STRESS, coach and trainer and mother of 3 boys. She was successful in health sports for over 30 years. With a lot of passion and a large portion of life experience, she supports young entrepreneurs in reaching their full potential in order to be sustainably healthy and at the same time mentally strong. The coaching takes place online or in walk & talk, coaching combined with running in nature.