Why should I stop feeling undeserved?

6 messages to send when you are not feeling well

Even though I've been depressed for almost a decade, I still find it difficult to seek help from others - especially because it makes me feel like I'm bothering them. Sometimes it is easier for me to say, “I'm fine” than to explain how I am really doing.
But regardless of whether you have psychological problems like me or are simply "just" going through a difficult time: The most important thing is that you seek help. And by that I don't necessarily mean a therapist. Because even if you are already receiving treatment, you should feel that you can rely on your family and friends.
Even if it may be scary for you to ask for help at first: Sometimes a WhatsApp message or a text message is enough to get out of the downward spiral - or at least not to feel quite so alone.
Six people told us what messages they send when they need support. Of course, you don't have to literally send them out yourself. But maybe they inspire you to send a short sign of life to your loved ones if you feel down. So that you get the help you deserve.
If you suffer from an anxiety disorder or depression yourself, or if you know someone who might need help, you can call the telephone counseling hotline on 0800 111 0 111 or 0800 111 0 222 or use the telephone counseling chat.