Why are Chinese Relationship Zodiac so accurate

Zodiac sign Rat and the partners

Rat and their relationship with partners

The Chinese horoscope is made up of many different factors. There are the central pillars, the elements, the phases of the moon, general character descriptions depending on the zodiac, the palaces and cardinal points.

But only then is the horoscope created for yourself, which is to be understood as a guideline and not a specification as to how a person really shapes his life. In addition, there are predispositions and points of contact with the partners, who in turn have their own zodiac signs.

The reactions of the rat zodiac sign in connection with the twelve zodiac signs of Chinese astrology are presented below.

Rat and rat

Two rats in a relationship is an exciting proposition. The rat is very curious, so it's up to the two of them to accept their privacy. Rats get on very well with each other, but long relationships are rare, and they are described as funny.

Rat and buffalo

The rat can handle the buffalo (or ox) very well, because both have a lot of positive energy to offer, which means that they complement each other well. Since both signs of the zodiac also have some fears, they can help each other through optimism and have a long relationship.

Rat and tiger

When a rat and a tiger come together, it rarely goes well. The tiger will be surprised by the strength of the rat, the rat will get the tiger on its tail. If it comes to a relationship, both can learn a lot.

Rat and rabbit

The rat and the rabbit are almost too similar. Both are very smart, the rabbit is almost faster than the rat and a relationship becomes a competition for bonding and phases of individual freedom.

Rat and dragon

These two signs of the zodiac go very well together and a lot of agreement is described, especially in sexual terms. The rat becomes addicted to the sexual relationship, but the dragon does not feel like chasing after the rat's own secrecy for too long.

Rat and snake

The rat likes to think that it has control of the silent snake, but it is tricky and can devour the rat quickly. A possible relationship that is based on a weak foundation and can be dangerous.

Rat and horse

The stars don't mean well with either of them. Rat and horse don't go together and that's why they attract each other almost magically. Rat and horse relationships are therefore often described as stormy and unpredictable.

Rat and goat

Both seem intellectually at the same level, but the rat has a tendency to mock the goat. If she does not learn how to deal better, the relationship between these two signs of the zodiac will not work.

Rat and monkey

When a rat and a monkey come together, there is often a harmonious relationship. That is in the nature of things, because the monkey dominates in the branches, the rat on the ground.

Rat and rooster

At work, the two are a dream team, but on a private level the rat should not trust the rooster for a second.

Rat and dog

The rat and the dog are very good with each other. They're best friends, but relationships tend to break down because the dog is so clingy, something a rat usually can't stand at all. She needs her freedom.

Rat and pig

The Pig is the most optimal zodiac sign for the Rat when it comes to relationships. Because the pig is good-natured and goes along with the moods and gives the rat their freedom. The rat should be careful not to injure the pig, because it is the optimal partner.