What can I do after taking BVSC

It gets really annoying at 10:30 p.m., in several ways. Because all 16 music groups have presented their contribution to the ninth Bundesvision Song Contest on Pro Sieben, but a look at the TV newspaper reveals that more than an hour and a half have to be killed before the decision can be made.

After Stefan Raab and co-moderator Sandra Rieß explained the uncomfortably complicated telephone / SMS voting system for several tough minutes, the desire to change the program is even greater. And after Raab concludes the confusing explanation with "If you didn't understand that, please switch to RTL 2", you even reach for the remote control shortly. But RTL 2 is currently running Swap women, that can never be an alternative.

Many quick runs by the participants, many calls for telephone voting and many commercial breaks later, the time has finally come; the Bundesvision Song Contest 2013 has a winner. Bosse takes first place in Lower Saxony with his easy-going, poppy song "So oder so". In addition to a lot of confetti in the Mannheim SAP Arena, the question remains: Couldn't such a competition be made more viewer-friendly?

Revelation before advertising

Nothing against the basic principle of the broadcast. Offering a platform for young and sometimes little-known musicians at prime time is a great idea for which Pro Sieben deserves recognition. The fact that something is seriously wrong with the course of the evening can be seen after the 16 songs performed. Shortly before the advertising starts, the camera pulls up and the whole hall comes into view. What are the spectators doing on site? They go home in droves.

Later than, just like the original Eurovision Song Contest, the points are distributed, the hall is half empty. Which luckily doesn’t detract from the mood, because even when the house is full there was a dance of death in the audience. For the producers / organizers of the show (Raab TV on behalf of Pro Sieben) that can only mean: shorten and shorten. Hardly anyone wants to sit in front of the television for four hours on Thursday evening.

And speaking of a role model Eurovision Song Contest: There is a wise rule there that says that no country can give itself points. Because of objectivity and such. In the Raab song competition, on the other hand, every federal state can happily cobble together the maximum number of points. Unsurprisingly, 14 of the 16 countries give their local artist "our twelve points". This prevents a participant from embarrassing himself with zero points at the end. However, it cannot make sense.

Matthias Sammer would be angry

Fortunately, the long TV evening offers a few varied musicians. From the Low German rapping De fofftig Penns from Bremen to girlie punk a là The dead crack whores in the trunk to melancholy pop by the Hamburg participant Johannes Oerding. This is a fine selection that is fun.

In addition, the TV audience is spared Pro Sieben's favorite backstage presenter Rebecca Mir, the job is done by permanent sidekick Elton. At the front of the moderation front, Stefan Raab seems a little tired after the many political shows of the past few weeks. The professional FC Bayern sports director Matthias Sammer would presumably certify that he was "working according to regulations" at the end of the evening. However, after Raab's lavish duty roster, a latent listlessness is a little understandable.

Now the permanent moderator has a break, on Monday he then has to attend TV total ran again. Bosse will be a guest and chat about his triumph. Fortunately, the show won't last four hours.

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