How to pronounce avocado in Hindi

Avocado Hindi

Avocado Hindi evaakaado. German an avocado can be translated into Hindi as एवाकाडो ēvākāḍō evaakaado.

Hindi is usually written in the Indian Devanagari script. In the upper line (the last three words) you will first find the spelling of the Hindu word in the Devanagari script, then in the IAST transliteration with the diacritical marks, and finally the more popular simplified transliteration, as it is common in India and the comes very close to the pronunciation of this Hindi word.

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Similar Hindi words

evaakaado is a Hindi word and means avocado. Further entries in the German Sanskrit dictionary with similar meaning:

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evaakaado is a Hindi word. Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India. India is also the home of yoga. Here are two videos on yoga, meditation and spirituality:

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German avocado - Hindi evaakaado
Hindi evaakaado - German avocado
The German word avocado means evaakaado in Hindi