Which bamboo is the strongest bamboo

The growth and height of bamboo

In contrast to trees, there is no growth in thickness with bamboo, i.e. when the stalks sprout from the ground like asparagus from April to August, they have already reached their finished thickness. The sprouts grow into a fully grown stalk in two to four months. The leaves only unfold after the growth in height has ended.


After that, the stalk no longer grows, instead the plant forms new stalks again in the following year. The sprouts grow into a full-grown stalk in two to four months. The height of the shoot depends on the variety and the location or condition of the plant. The sprouts of the following season can become thicker and higher again until the bamboo has reached its maximum height after about 7 years.

In the runners-forming bamboo varieties, the growth of horizontal roots, the rhizomes, begins in late summer. The size or length of the underground rhizomes also varies from 30 centimeters to a maximum of 12 meters. In southern France, Italy or Spain, some varieties easily reach 20 meters of underground roots.

Old, thin and dead stalks should be removed regularly, this promotes growth and brings light for the underplanting. The best time to prune is in March. All low, ground-covering species (dwarf bamboo) are pruned if necessary before the start of the growing season (March). The new shoot is then more beautiful. With the higher runners-forming bamboos, the 4-5 year old stalks can be thinned as needed by cutting them close to the ground. By regularly cutting away thin and old stalks, the balance between the above-ground part of the plant and the roots is maintained. A single stalk dies after about seven to nine years - but the entire bamboo plant basically lives forever because it always grows back from its rhizome network.

Fargesia varieties can grow 40 to 80 cm per year, depending on the climate and the location. Fargesia bamboo can be cut back like a normal hedge. Cutting back leads to more leaf mass and a denser bamboo hedge that offers more privacy.


The rhizomes of this Golden Peking Bamboo are 10 years old. After only 10 days the fresh sprouts grew into 6-7 m high bamboo plants!




After 10 years this Phyllostachys vivax Huangwhenzu reached a sensational stalk thickness of up to 8 cm!