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Welcome to Dubai

Dubai rises like a shimmering mirage from the desert sand and forms the beating heart of the Middle East. Just a few decades ago - before sparkling skyscrapers dominated the horizon - Dubai was a humble fishing port, known for its pearls and surrounded by a barren desert populated by Bedouins. It wasn't until the oil suddenly began to flow in abundance in the late 1980s that today's cosmopolitan Dubai was born.

For the past 20 years, the world's leading designers and architects have unfolded their creative talents in Dubai, creating some of the most daring and luxurious projects known to mankind. Climb the world's tallest skyscraper, the majestic Burj Khalifa, and marvel at the gleaming splendor of the endless sapphire, indigo, and onyx skyline. On the ground floor of the building is the world's largest shopping center, the Dubai Mall, a dazzling entertainment and shopping complex with 1200 boutiques, an ice skating arena and an aquarium. The facility is also home to the Dubai Fountains, which spray their fountains 150 meters into the air with a spectacular, precise choreography. On your tour, you will also discover a number of man-made islands, named Palm Islands due to their gigantic palm tree shape. Dubai is also home to the world's largest natural flower garden, the Dubai Miracle Garden - an exceptional achievement given the parched desert landscapes that dominate the region.
An exciting way to experience Dubai's dramatic aerial view is to take a helicopter, seaplane or hot air balloon flight, with the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf creating a dramatic backdrop for the modern city. Cool off with a swim on one of Dubai's pristine beaches. Enjoy the welcome change from the humid temperatures, which can reach over 45 degrees in the summer months from May to September.
Despite its modern facade, the global consumer capital has retained the mystical charisma of “One Thousand and One Nights” and thus casts a spell over a multicultural mix of visitors from all over the world. Dubai's top gastronomy offers a wide range - from exquisite fine restaurants with fine cuisine to wonderful local restaurants. The innovative nightlife rivals New York and London. Dubai is also known for its traditional markets, the souks, where you are surrounded by the hustle and bustle as you negotiate the prices of diamonds, precious stones, gold and handcrafted goods with vendors over a fragrant mint tea. Float along the natural Dubai Creek in a charming local wooden ferry called abra before exploring the historic Bur Dubai and Daira neighborhoods on foot. Immerse yourself in the city's burgeoning cultural scene, which is also attracting increasing international attention, with a visit to Dubai's leading art galleries.
With its abundance of new construction projects and the upcoming 2020 World Expo, Dubai is a city in constant flux and one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world. Discover our fine selection of activities and attractions and make your stay with Sofitel a memorable one.