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Permanent make-up vs. microblading

Many women find the daily eyebrow make-up annoying - especially since the result is not equally good every day. You want curved eyebrows that look perfect from morning to night. Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally gifted with such brows. Fortunately, there are modern technologies in the cosmetics sector that turn every eyebrow into a symbol of aesthetics, e.g. microblading or permanent make-up. Not infrequently, however, the opinions differ.

Many women find the daily eyebrow make-up annoying - especially since the result is not equally good every day. You want curved eyebrows that look perfect from morning to night. Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally gifted with such brows.

Fortunately, there are modern technologies in the cosmetics sector that turn every eyebrow into a symbol of aesthetics, e.g. microblading or permanent make-up. Not infrequently, however, the opinions differ.

  • Which procedure is more efficient?
  • Where is the least risk?
  • How high are the costs?

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In order to clarify these questions, the differences between the two methods should be known.
After all, they are pursuing two completely different concepts.

Microblading - precise application with naturalness

In which Microblading it is a modified variant of permanent make-up, which was originally invented in Japan. It is based on a manual technique in which tiny lines are scratched into the skin and filled with paint. This process enables both slight corrections in terms of shape, color and length as well as a completely new model. This version of one is especially suitable after ailments with hair loss or in case of incorrect growth Eyebrow tattooto optimize the external appearance. Work is done exclusively with a pigment pen to which so-called blades, small needles, are attached.

This means that the professional performing the work must have a steady hand and complete specialist knowledge. Invented at the beginning of the 21st century, the semi-permanent intervention has recently succeeded in conquering the European beauty industry. In connection with this, microblading is characterized by the high precision and the naturalness of the pigmented brows, but also has advantages in terms of the almost painless application and the broad target group. Another method that has been practiced successfully for a long time is again permanent make-up. An alternative that is subject to completely different guidelines.

Permanent eyebrows - machine process with longevity

A Permanent make up is one of the cosmetic tattoos that are performed with the help of a machine to carry out cosmetic corrections on the face. This procedure is based on techniques that were already practiced by the indigenous peoples of different cultures. For example, it was common for the Maori in New Zealand to carry out the traditional face tattoo (Ta Moko) on women in the lip area, while the Japanese Ainu provided their women with dark lip tattoos. Back then, people used grated charcoal, which is still common today in tribal circles, but the basic principle carried over to the global beauty industry.

Furthermore, even in medieval times, the eyelid lines were a distinctive feature of men and women in Northern and Central Europe. Various influences came from this, too, which meanwhile characterize permanent make-up.

Accordingly, the procedure is not only used for the eyebrows, but also relates to:

  • the eyelash thickening
  • the eyeliner
  • a beauty mark
  • the lip liner
  • the color filling of the lips

In relation to the eyebrows, permanent technology is very important. As with microblading, the aim is to correct the brow or to complete a reconstruction. In some cases, permanent make-up is also advocated for medical reasons. For example after a serious illness.

The permanent eyebrows are pierced into the upper layer of the skin using a special device. The terms micro-pigmentation and derma-pigmentation are also often used. The permanent make-up then impresses with an aesthetic result and reliable, clean applications. Often a comparison between that method and microblading, although both variants have many unique features that set them apart from the other method. This is particularly evident when comparing the two cosmetic treatments.

Permanent make-up vs. microblading - different concepts, the same goal

Certainly, there are various similarities between microblading and permanent eyebrows, because both serve to optimize faulty brows. As a result, the target audience is the same and includes people who, for whatever reason, are not satisfied with their eyebrows. Whether through hereditary hair loss, illnesses, bald spots, an unsightly shape or length.

With the increasing presence of microblading, however, the decision for one of the applications becomes more difficult, as they are equipped with different treatment approaches and properties. While your end result should always be a flawless eyebrow with the right curve, there are clear differences along the way. Some cosmetic studios despair because of them and the customers often have to grapple with the decision as to which procedure should be carried out in the end.

For this it is advisable to first analyze all similarities and delimitations in order to get a better picture of the respective pigmentation version.

One of the most dominant differences is that technology. While microblading manually fills the desired color with filigree blades into the incised skin surface, permanent make-up relies on a modern pigmentation device.

Based on this, there will be deviations in the finished eyebrow. The microblading penetrates the sensitive skin less strongly than the permanent make-up, which leads to an optical appearance 3D effect that looks much more detailed than the pigmentation of the permanent eyebrow. This also arises because the vibrations of the pigmenting machine are not caused by the microblading.

Another difference is the level of awareness. Permanent make-up was able to assert itself in the cosmetics industry a long time ago and has since been offered by almost every professional as a conventional part of the range of services.

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Microblading, on the other hand, is still quite new on the market, whereupon difficulties arise when a customer is looking for an experienced expert. In connection with this, the next characteristic arises that individualizes both processes, the Professional competence. A beautician who models eyebrows using microblading needs a demanding training course that deals specifically with the complex technology that requires creativity, a sense of responsibility and expertise. Training for the use of permanent make-up, on the other hand, should be experienced, but is subject to fewer special features because the pigmentation device takes over the work.

The permanent make-up impresses here with his durability, as it lasts longer at 2-5 years than microblading at around 1.5 years. The cost is also worth mentioning, because customers can get permanent eyebrows for around 200 to 300 euros, microblading estimates almost twice as high fees with up to 600 euros. This is due to the effort involved in using the appropriate technology. In the end, however, this is justified by the deceptively real result.

Finally, the comparison of the two treatments can be differentiated from one another based on the area of ​​application. The microblading only appears for the brow modeling, the permanent make-up can also be used for other skin areas such as lips or nipples.

In summary, the differences result in the following table overview:

Permanent make up



Face, sometimes nipples

only eyebrows


machine with pigmentation device

manually with blades


Pigmentation device

Microblading pen with fine needles

Bottom line

aesthetic, but slightly blurred

precise, deceptively real, individual hairs recognizable


recognized procedure, standard service

still rather unknown


200-300 euros

300-600 euros

In principle, however, a customer needs more knowledge about the treatments in order to be able to make a clear decision for or against one of the procedures. It would be particularly important to know the advantages and disadvantages in this regard.

Pros and cons - permanent eyebrows and microblading in comparison

An eyebrow tattoo based on permanent make-up or microblading has a number of positive properties that give this approach its added value.

The main factors that characterize both concepts include:

  • long-lasting results
  • expressive optics
  • the most modern, almost painless technologies
  • extensive application possibilities for eyebrow correction

Furthermore, the microblading impresses with its precision and the lifelike representation, while permanent eyebrows are more cost effective. Although many customers nowadays think of cosmetic surgery to emphasize their appearance, even the gentlest methods have side effects. Permanent make-up and microblading are no exception.

It would therefore be advisable to first get to know all the negative aspects of the treatments, especially for people who may have health problems or have sensitive skin.

The semi-permanent tattoos may not be used on:

  • Infections
  • acute inflammation
  • allergic reactions
  • decreased blood clotting
  • undefined growths or birthmarks

In addition, such an intervention proves to be disadvantageous for diabetics, pregnant women, epileptics or people with mental disorders as well as hepatitis and HIV. The risks listed should certainly only serve as a guide. The decisive factor is always your personal medical history.

That is why customers must disclose any illnesses and peculiarities that are important for the smooth process and the avoidance of side effects in a clarifying preliminary discussion with their treating doctor and the professional performing the work. Otherwise it could lead to serious difficulties that not only affect the visual result. On the contrary, it is even conceivable that the patient's state of health worsens as a subsequent reaction. Even permanent damage, such as changes to the skin, could occur if the preceding consultation or medical assessment is neglected.

In addition, there are the precautions for permanent eyebrows, because these should not be forgotten either. The consumption of alcohol, nicotine or coffee / tea could make the treatment more difficult because these substances stimulate the blood circulation. Likewise, cosmetic products in the area of ​​the eyebrows should no longer be used a few days before application; a light peeling is recommended instead, which removes dead, dried-out layers of skin.

The follow-up treatment is also worth mentioning. It helps to rinse the brows with a neutral soap solution to remove the lymph flow and remnants of the cream.

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This should be done about 30 minutes after one of the procedures. Afterwards, it is important to treat the eyebrows with care products for at least a week so that protection against dehydration is formed and wound healing is positively supported. Make-up, heavy saunas or laser treatments, on the other hand, are not recommended because they affect the result.

Hygiene, a central topic of cosmetic interventions, also requires constant importance. A clean environment and sterile equipment are basic requirements for risk-free and successful pigmentation. Serious cosmetic studios take great care to create a clinically pure atmosphere for their customers, in which no germs or bacteria come into contact with the open wound.

Microblading / permanent make-up procedures - two ways to the perfect brow

Even if a lot of information about the two treatment approaches can be found, the differences should be clear and the similarities have also been uncovered, a valuable criterion for the decision to be clarified remains the application. It follows a fixed pattern that is pretty much alike.

Procedure for permanent make-up

First, the clarifying preliminary discussion is held, then the professional records the planned corrections to the browbones and numbs the area locally. The machine then pierces each color particle about 0.8 to 1.4 mm deep under the skin. The end result only becomes visible after a few days and can be corrected or completely removed if desired, although all hairs are lost.

Microblading process

Here, too, the clarifying conversation is the prelude, followed by the local anesthetic and the recording of the brow shape. As a rule, the golden ratio is used as a benchmark. It is called phi 1.618 and is based on the shape of the face. The desired color pigment is then applied manually with blades at a depth of 0.8 to 1.4 mm and may require some follow-up treatments. Microblading also shows its final results some time later.

Conclusion - microblading or permanent make-up?

Applying the eyebrow tattoo does not give a clear answer to which concept is better. Ultimately, it depends on the customer. Many women already had their brows optimized with permanent make-up when microblading was not even present. However, the latter can definitely be described as a more filigree variant of a permanent eyebrow, which can be used aesthetically and painlessly. A permanent make-up corrects the faulty microblading, but this could also cover up an already performed machine pigmentation if necessary.

Insofar as the necessary professional competence in the form of a microblading training is available, customers receive a lifelike brow that gives the look more character. Ideally, an expert completes the microblading taking into account the PhiBrows principle, which is a guarantee for the highest precision. The measurement takes place here with the eyes closed so that the muscles relax and symmetry is guaranteed.

The PhiBrows Academy now teaches this modern concept on an international level as well as in the courses of Microblading Education Germany, which can be held at various stations in Germany. The renowned training expects interested parties with a large number of theoretical knowledge modules and practical exercise units, which promise better earning opportunities in the job as a beautician, but also excellent results for customers of microblading.

Microblading opens up a new generation of brow modeling for women, which creates an intense look with the most precise technology, expertise and sustainability.