Why aren't animal brains a delicacy?

It never gets worse: the weirdest disgusting delicacies in the world. PART 1

Yes, you can be really brave on vacation: a roasted grasshopper is just the beginning and for many people it is still just imaginable. The disgust factor of some delicacies goes far beyond the small vermin. For all the curious, we have therefore selected the ultimate in culinary specialties. So open your mouth, close your nose and try - if you dare ;-)

--------------- DANGER!!! The culinary journey of disgusting delicacies begins -------------

1. Woof - in China they eat dogs

Not quite so true - our four-legged friends are only served in a few parts in China and also in Vietnam. The preparation, however, is quite diverse - whether fried, boiled or crispy on the grill - dog meat is offered in all variations.

2. Madiger sheep cheese

Casu Marzu, which literally means “spoiled cheese”, is a sheep's cheese from Sardinia that only develops its special aroma through maggots. However, not everyone eats the small, lively delicacies ;-)


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3. Monkey brain tastes like nuts

It always gets worse: The myth that the Chinese spoon the brains of living monkeys isn't all that wrong. Consumption is prohibited, but there are actually still Chinese people who continue to spoon cheerfully. Mhhh! Speaking of which: cooked it should be reminiscent of liver, while unprocessed it should be reminiscent of nuts.

4. Maggots, grubs and other larvae

Often heard, seen or even tried: These treats are just as much a part of markets in Bangkok as the nearest kebab shop. They are especially tasty when cooked briefly in salted water, then rolled through flour and then fried. Who has dared?


5. Full bodied breast milk mozzarella

Who is losing their appetite right now? At least one of them is still okay: a very special Tyrolean specialty is breast milk cheese. Yes, you heard right! Gourmet chef Angerer came up with the idea after his girlfriend produced excessive amounts of milk after giving birth to their child. "Food from the region" takes on a completely new meaning!


6. E.mbryos al dENTE?

BALUT is definitely not for the faint of heart! The two to three week old surprise egg of a different kind is broken open after cooking, seasoned, the liquid sipped out and the chick eaten. Well, bon appetit then! For everyone who wants to try it: Off to the Philippines! And hey, there isn't as much difference to a hard-boiled egg as we know it - it's just a little crunchy because of the bones ;-)

7. The one and only: Haggis

The innards of a sheep, chopped up and then stuffed into its own stomach. Sounds like a real treat! The dish is particularly widespread in Scotland. The stomach is cut open at the table, then the contents are spooned out.

8. Mhhh yummy, fried butter

Popsicles are known to be delicious. But a piece of butter - and then fried too? That was exactly what became a hit in Iowa. Definitely nothing if you're on a diet.

. @ Redb0mb Fried Butter. Recipe: Turn a freshly chilled piece of butter in the egg and breadcrumbs, season with salt, and fry! Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside!

- Jan Böhmermann (@janboehm) 6 May 2015

9. Boiled bull penises

These are almost jungle camp conditions. In Taiwan, the cooked piece of potency is the culinary hit par excellence. Asians believe in some of the strengthening effects of animal products. But to strengthen your own potency with a bull penis or to lease eternal happiness is complete nonsense.


But now it's over for today.

If you still haven't had enough, there will be a little sequel next week, because it seems that it can always get worse!

Do you feel like trying one or the other dish to find out how brave you are?

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