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Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352) Job Facts

These marines are responsible for widespread weapon systems

Military weapon systems have become so specialized and highly technological over the years that specialized training and often more than one person are required to operate them safely and effectively. The anti-tank missile responsibilities, which is Marine Military Occupational Specialty 0352, include the tactical use of some very specific weapons.

Military weapon systems

Military weapons under the control and responsibility of the naval anti-tank missile master include the TOW - a tube-launched, optically tracked and wired weapon system - and the javelin weapon system.

Both are widely used anti-tank missiles, and they are capable of damaging and defeating tanks in combat, which is obviously crucial in combat situations.

In addition, MOS 0352 is responsible for anti-tank operations and tactical vehicle operations. These service members offer medium and heavy anti-tank fire in support of the infantry battalion, light anti-tank or LAR battalion, tank battalion, and / or the Marine Air-Ground Task Force known as MAGTF.

These marines are in the anti-tank platoon within the arms company of the infantry battalions and LAR battalions, in the TOW tanks of the tank battalions and the TOW company of the tank battalion. NCOs are used as gunners and group leaders.

Training requirements for MOS 0352

Marines must have an overall technical or GT score of 100 or greater in the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, known as ASVAB, to qualify for this position.

The Marine Corps Infantry offers two training schools for Marines who wish to pursue a MOS 0352. Both are available after the basic training. Anti-tank missiles are required to complete the anti-tank attack guided missile man course at the School of Infantry at either Camp Pendleton, California or at Camp Geiger, a satellite facility from Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

You can also take appropriate on-the-job managed training.

Job requirements for MOS 0352

Recruits for this MOS must have normal color perception and visual acuity of at least 20/200, correctable to 20/20. Your driving records reported by the National Driver Register must demonstrate that they are eligible for an SF-46 military driver's license and have the psychological and physiological qualifications required to be licensed as a state vehicle operator.

Jobs that are similar to MOS 0352

Infantry stormtroopers provide rocket fire in support of naval rifle troops, platoons, and companies within the infantry battalion. They are trained to use the anti-personnel obstacle system or APOBS as well as demolitions. This job is MOS 0351. NCOs are classified as gunners, team, squad and section leaders.

The LAV or lightly armored vehicle crew, the MOS 0313, operates and maintains the LAV and its weapon systems. These vehicles are armored reconnaissance vehicles that can carry communications equipment. They are eight-wheeled and amphibious. The LAV's role in a larger Marine Expeditionary Unit, or MEU, is to conduct security, reconnaissance and screening missions for a larger force with some independent operations.

Despite the names of these positions - missile men and crew members - women are now allowed in U.S. military combat situations, and any of these jobs can be held by female marines.

Similar Marine Corps jobs

  • Assaultman, 0351
  • LAV team member, 0313
  • Tank soldier, 1812

The above information is from MCBUL ​​1200, Parts 2 and 3.