How do I overcome the fear of talking

Wicki during interview training

by Martin Suter, Source: TA Magazin No. 30/05. Peter and Monika Wicki-Strähl are sitting at the famous dining room table. The children are in bed. Wicki is wearing his jacket, the tie is not loose. Monika has a notepad in front of her and a ballpoint pen in her hand. "So, go ahead." "You seem tense." "I'm not." "Then try not to make fists, the knuckles will turn white." Wicki lays her hands flat on the table in front of her. "Better this way?" "Now you look like a schoolboy. Maybe you should spread your arms and put your hands on the edge of the table. Open, relaxed, it says here." "So?" "Don't cling, just lay on it." "Well. Go ahead." "Are you comfortable? It says you have to sit comfortably." "Yes. Get started. First question." "You are not positive. It is very important that you are positive." "But I have a positive attitude." "Then don't look at me so annoyed. The journalist is not an enemy, he is a partner." Wicki smiles sweetly. "Well, to the first question, if you please". "Don't creep up. Friendly, confident, present. Otherwise he'll think you've got something to hide." "We'll practice that separately. Come on, finally, to the first question". "Mr. Wicki, do you feel up to your task?" "What shoud that?" "A robbery question. You have to expect that, it says in the book. So?" "What was the question?" "You are not focused. All your attention has to belong to the journalist." "Now ask me something from my list of likely questions" "Hands." "Hands?" "Are tense again." "Sleight of hand!" "So: Mr. Wicki, um ... he never asks." "What?" "About your career." "I would be happy if you could save yourself your comments and finally get to the shitty questions." "Now you have the vein on your forehead." "Because I'm upset!" "But that doesn't seem confident." "I don't give a shit how it works. Finally ask the damn questions." "If you are so easily upset by me ..." Wicki jumps up from the chair and starts pacing up and down. "Should I coach you or not?" Wicki doesn't answer. "Then I'm going to bed now." Wicki sits down again. "Typical! Benefit from my career, but if once, ONCE! You should make a contribution ..." "So: Mr. Wicki, how is your wife holding up with you?" Wicki leaves the dining room and slams the door behind her. So inadequately prepared, he had to face the interview with "Interna", the biannual in-house magazine, the next day.