The iPad Air 2 will bend easily

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The minds of angry iPhone 6 Plus owners have slowly straightened out again when the network comes around the curve with a new "Bendgate": This time it was a few days ago presented iPad Air 2 your turn.

The “thinnest tablet in the world”, as Apple calls it, measures only 6.1 millimeters and this fact is now apparently its undoing. Because: Like its cousin, the iPhone 6 Plus, it buckles.

“Marvin from Germany” turns the tablet to the front on YouTube and posted the video online three days ago. It seems like the effort required is a little more than the iPhone 6 Plus - but the result is the same. First it creaks, then it rattles.

Not for the faint of heart: “Marvin” shows the user which pile of shards he is standing in front of after the action. His initial question: “Will the iPad Air 2 bend?” Is clearly answered.

There were more than half a million clicks for it - that should help him over the loss of his iPad.

Also "Christoph from TabTec“Went to the bending work. His brand new iPad Air 2 is the other way around, trying to bend it to the back.

Hardly anything is happening. "It gives way a bit," comments the tester, obviously out of breath. You can see a very slight curvature. According to Christoph, the device is still "fully functional".

At another testerthat turned in both directions, nothing happened - the display remained intact and the device then ran normally. Obviously, it also depends very much on how much force is used.

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Since photos and videos of a bent iPhone 6 Plus made headlines a few weeks ago, there has been a lot of excitement around the flexible Apple smartphone under the buzzword #Bendgate.

Two British teenagers even launched a major bending offensive. They filmed themselves bending several iPhones in an Apple Store.

What did the bending test in the laboratory reveal?

The US consumer magazine Consumer Reports - comparable to the German Stiftung Warentest - has subjected the new iPhone 6 Plus and other smartphone models to a serious bending test in the laboratory for the first time.

There were plenty of defective devices, but no real scandal. According to the magazine, all of the cell phones tested turned out to be quite robust - especially the much-criticized, large iPhone 6 Plus.

The head of a mixer company approached the subject in a particularly funny way.

In reference to the question “Will it bend?” (Can it be bent?) Tom Dickson asked “Will it blend?” (Can it be mixed?)

On his website he regularly shows various objects that he grinds in one of his blenders. To demonstrate the performance of his products, he hacked down an Apple iPhone 6 Plus in an extremely impressive manner.