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Sinatra, Jobim & Ogerman - legendary summit meeting of three masters

Frank Sinatra & Jobim
"I haven't sung that softly since I had my larynx," joked Frank Sinatra 1967 during a session for "Francis Albert Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim”. And “to blame” that “The Voice” covered his vocal cords with an extra layer of velvet for this recording was of course the bossa nova. The album documented, even if it only mentions two names in the actual title, a true summit meeting of three masters.
At that time, Sinatra had long been the outstanding size of show business and had previously been awarded the Grammy for the best album of the year twice in a row (he did not succeed in the hat trick with “Francis Albert Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim” only because the Beatles with “ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ”had met the psychedelic zeitgeist of the famous summer of love). Pianist, guitarist and singer Jobim, on the other hand, had made the Brazilian bossa nova a worldwide phenomenon with its melancholy but always light-footed evergreens such as “The Girl From Ipanema”, “Desafinado” and “Corcovado”. Third in the league was the German Claus Ogerman, a real maestro and brilliant arranger, who later could afford the luxury of giving baskets to stars like Prince and Sting who vied for a collaboration with him. Together this masterly triumvirate recorded an album for the ages with “Francis Albert Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim”.
For the 50th anniversary, this classic, which combined seven still sparkling Jobim jewels with three wonderfully “Brazilianized” jazz standards, is now released again. In addition to the ten numbers from the original album, the CD and digital edition of this “50th Anniversary Edition” also contains two bonus tracks: a Sinatra Jobim medley from the television program “A Man and His Music” and a previously unreleased alternative studio recording of “ The Girl From Ipanema ”. At the same time, the original album will also appear on vinyl and in a strictly limited edition, which can be obtained exclusively from the Sinatra shop or UDiscover Music, on blue vinyl.