What is a toggle switch

Toggle Switches - One, Two, and Three Pole

Toggle Switches - One, Two, and Three Pole


Marquardt has been producing toggle switches of the highest quality for many years and sells them worldwide.

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By operating them by hand, toggle switches switch a circuit on and off or switch between two circuits. A distinction is made between switching and pushbutton functions. A switch opens and closes a circuit permanently or switches between two circuits (changeover switch). A button, on the other hand, only closes the circuit as long as it is pressed and then returns to its starting position. A distinction is made between normally closed, normally open and changeover contacts. Switching on, off or toggling is done by flipping a toggle lever, which closes or opens the circuit, and not by pressing or turning an actuator, as is the case with a pressure switch or a rotary switch. Thanks to this proven functional principle, toggle switches are extremely durable and robust.


We offer the right designs for a wide variety of applications:

  • Switches and buttons
  • Single pole, double pole and three pole
  • With and without printing
  • Dustproof
  • Different colored push-on sleeves (white, red, green)
  • Center-0-position switch, latching or one- or two-sided keying
  • With ENEC, UL / CSA certification marks
  • With gold contacts for signal currents

Special features

Toggle switches are characterized primarily by their long service life of up to 100,000 switching cycles and their switching capacity of up to 10 amps / 400 volts. Thanks to their dust and water protection, they are suitable for use in harsh environments.

Areas of application

Typical fields of application of toggle switches:

  • Lighting controls
  • Mixing consoles
  • Lamps
  • Industrial applications