Are there gay computer games

Homosexuality in games

Homosexuality in books, films or television has long since arrived in society. But this topic is rarely used in computer games. But why do you so rarely find same-sex love affairs or homosexual heroes in computer games?

Also worth reading is an interview with Lucien Soulban, the author of "Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon". According to Soulban, it is primarily due to the marketing and the targeted sales figures that it will take a while before there will be a serious gay protagonist.

EA and BioWare as pioneers

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Dragon Age II

The fantasy role-playing game "Dragon Age" (here our assessment of Dragon Age: Origins) is one of the first titles to deal with the topic of sexuality quite freely. The game lets the protagonist enter into same-sex relationships, among other things. David Gaider, who is mainly responsible for the development of the plot in "Dragon Age", criticizes an openness that does not yet keep up with the reality in the games industry. He has written a detailed blog entry on the subject.
With his text, Gaider, who is himself homosexual, reacts to a letter from a player. She reports that many people from her environment dismissed her after they came out. "I didn't have a lot of friends and there was only my Xbox," she writes. "'Origins' was magical, I was able to create a character who looks like me and have a romance with a woman." A ray of light that served as a support. She wants to know from Gaider what role his homosexuality has played for him so far in his work as a developer.

BioWare and EA as pioneers

Not every game can represent everything for everyone, explains the author. However, he is grateful to be able to depict things in this form, even if video games are not the most important area of ​​social change. His employer, Studio BioWare, is not perfect, they do a lot for inclusive corporate culture there and also at parent company Electronic Arts. Game content of this kind cannot be taken for granted, especially since one person in the decision-making chain could be enough to prevent it.


Mass Effect 3

When he got a foothold in the games industry, Gaider continues, the question of same-sex relationships in games did not arise at all. The man-woman scheme was established, and he himself did not even think of suggesting anything else. This changed at BioWare with the development of "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" and the character Juhani. The impetus did not come from Gaider himself, but from some colleagues - the majority of whom are heterosexual men - who wanted to take same-sex romances into account. "Although they are all liberal and compassionate people, I have always assumed that this topic would not be addressed," says Gaiden. "I've always thought that 'the audience' wouldn't accept that."

He does not see himself as a "gay developer" but as a "developer who happens to be gay too". He does his part in the mix of viewpoints, but does not want to be the one that nobody listens to because he only focuses on one topic, especially since he would also take on a number of responsibilities. It is not his aim to steer his projects in such a way as to turn a game into a "game for homosexuals". Of course, there are still enough people who automatically stick such a label on a game as soon as the topic is broached or a homosexual character appears. The same people often see the mere recognition of homosexuality as existent as a personal insult.

Broad discussion is still pending

He hopes to get to a point where homosexual characters and relationships are simply seen as the norm in a video game. For this, however, a discussion must also arise in the industry. That turns out to be difficult, because the mere appearance of the question is often used by some people as an occasion to complain that nobody is talking about anything else. This is then often garnished with the demand to turn to something more important, although the topic is far from over.

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