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Dating a Broken Man: 10 Things You Should Know

Do you suspect that you are dating a man who has been emotionally damaged?

Is this something you'd rather avoid?

Would you like to know the signs that this person has been seriously injured in the past?

Then you are right here. This guide shows the five signs you are dating an emotionally damaged man, as well as what to expect if you decide to go on this romance.

However, before we dive into this guide, it is important that you read the next few sentences carefully.

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The first thing we have to do is define what makes a broken man. When we talk about a broken man, we are talking about a man who has either been emotionally damaged or whose heart is broken. It doesn't always necessarily mean that a woman in a romantic relationship caused him emotional pain, although that's the most obvious explanation anyone could have caused.


  • 1 5 signs of a broken man
    • 1.1 He is not confident
    • 1.2 He pushes you away
    • 1.3 It could not open
    • 1.4 He is sensitive
    • 1.5 He is calm
  • 2 10 Things You Should Know About Dating A Broken Man
    • 2.1 1. It will be hard for you
    • 2.2 2. He seems to be controlling
    • 2.3 3. He won't give you a second chance if you screw it up
    • 2.4 4. He might not be as romantic as other people, not directly anyway
    • 2.5 5. He will try to sabotage the relationship
    • 2.6 6. He will want to keep his own life private
    • 2.7 7. He cannot tell you why he is emotionally damaged
    • 2.8 8. He will have low self-confidence
    • 2.9 9. It's not a project to work on
    • 2.10 10. Through love you can help him to heal
  • 3 conclusion

5 signs of a broken man

Before we talk about the things you should know when dating a broken man, we need to look at the characteristics of a broken person. You may not be sure if you are dating a broken man. Hopefully these signs will help you figure this out. Check out the signs of an emotionally broken man below. If the guy you are dating shows a lot of these signs, he can be emotionally damaged.

He's not confident

If the guy you are dating encounters the lack of trust, it could be because he has collapsed so badly that he no longer believes in himself. He may even doubt that you are interested in him.

He pushes you away

If someone has been badly injured before, they assume that everyone they're interested in will eventually hurt them too. That's why they self-sabotage any budding relationship because they're too afraid of being hurt again.

He couldn't open up

If someone has been badly injured before, they will keep trying to protect themselves without even realizing it. He will not be open to you or clear about personal information because he does not trust you. It will take a long time for someone who is broken to have full confidence in you and open up.

He is sensitive

If you say something, even as a joke, that is negative about this guy he will get upset. Something that you think is funny could seriously offend this guy, especially when it comes to him, his past, or relationship problems in general - anything can be triggers.

He is calm

If this guy is extremely quiet and reserved, it could be that he is dealing with so many emotions on his mind that he is drowning in internal noise. and therefore doesn't want to talk a lot or be in noisy places. If he has a problem with something you said he'll keep quiet about it instead of talking to you about it because he doesn't trust it.

10 things you should know about dating a broken man

1. It will be hard for you

Meeting someone who is emotionally damaged can be very exhausting and takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. You need to be careful about pretty much anything you say so as not to upset him or cause previous trauma. You must go out of your way to gain his trust and open up to you. You have to put most of the effort between you because he won't, because he doesn't want to put himself in a vulnerable position where he could be rejected. You have to keep reassuring this guy that you have nowhere to go. In addition, this type can have mental health issues caused by the emotional damage inflicted on them. Hence, you may need to try to deal with his or her anxiety and / or depression.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it is not worth putting in all of this effort - it definitely is. It's amazing to have helped him grow and heal. Although you need to make sure that you feel like you are in love with this person and you need to be sure that you are in a relationship with them - if you leave them after a while, their emotional damage can worsen.

2. He seems to be controlling

Not all broken men will control, but some of them will be because they don't trust you. This is definitely the case for a man who has been damaged because a woman has been unfaithful to him. He'll want to try to control you so he knows you can't hurt him. He might be interested in knowing where you are, who you are with, and why you are not with him. While you need to understand that he has been hurt in the past, you need to make him aware that whoever tries to control you is not going to work. You can understand, but don't let him control you because then his emotional damage will spread to you. If you are uncomfortable with the way he is treating you, you have to tell him.

You can try to reassure him that you will be loyal, and if that doesn't get through to him, you can just tell him that if he tries to control you because it doesn't feel right, you will definitely leave him. You can try to sit down and explain to him the reasons why you think he is trying to control - he might actually open up and stop controlling the relationship between you.

3. He won't give you a second chance if you screw it up

A broken man will be incredibly protective of himself even if he doesn't realize it is him. Therefore, he will only ever give you one chance to love him. If you screw up this one chance and he sees you showing red flags, he will leave and never come back. The particular red flags that the man you are dating is related to depends on what he went through and what harmed him so much in the first place. For example, if all of his previous romantic partners have cheated on him, even if you tell a little lie, once he finds out, he will leave you.

This is one thing you really need to respect - why give you a second chance if you screw it up? You shouldn't mess up relationships and ask for a second chance, especially one with a man who has previously been emotionally damaged. As long as you don't screw it up, everything will be fine. So don't let mistakes or stupidity get in the way of what could potentially turn into love.

4. He might not be as romantic as other people, not directly anyway

A man who has been seriously hurt in the past is afraid of falling in love and therefore may not act as romantically as other people you have previously dated. A broken man will be nervous about showing affection for you, being romantic with you and being open to you because he is afraid that you will leave and he will have opened his heart for no reason.

However, if you stick with this guy and earn his trust, you may find that he is even more romantic than other men who have ever been with you. If he opens up to you and your relationship gets stronger and stronger, he shows you a beautiful, romantic representation of love, because he not only loves you, but he is also grateful that you stayed with him.

It can help him feel more romantic and open up as you take the first few romantic steps. Usually, if you're not the first person to first show an appreciation for love, it can get you out of your comfort zone and love it - it will feel great.

5. He will try to sabotage the relationship

When dating a broken man, you need to be aware that he is going to try to sabotage the relationship. He might be trying to do this on purpose, and it might be his subconscious mind to do it, but it will most likely happen. You need to be aware that this man could try to ruin things very badly for both of you, even if he wants a romantic relationship with you. His attempts to sabotage the relationship are just another way to protect yourself from harm.

Unfortunately, the more he falls in love with you, the more doubts he will have about the future relationship. The moment he realizes he's falling in love, he also realizes that you have the power to hurt him. At the point that he realizes this, he might start doubting the relationship, freaking out, and trying to distance himself from you.

You always need to be prepared for this man to try to sabotage your relationship at any time. However, after you've been in a committed relationship for a while and you both share in love, he should feel more solid and open to you. So, if he feels like he's going to try to sabotage the relationship, he can talk to you about it instead of running away without explanation.

6. He will want to keep his own life private

A broken man will want to keep his own life very private when he starts dating you. Although other men might be excited to take your round to their place, invite you to meet their friends and get involved in their daily life, a broken man will move much more slowly. A broken man doesn't want to invite you into his life if he thinks you will just leave. So it may take some time before you are invited to be part of his life, friends and family.

In addition, a broken man is likely to have his own place, and this is where he will feel comfortable and safe. He has created a space that is just for him and only for him. You should really respect that he's just trying to protect himself and he doesn't want his safe space to be a place of discomfort. Even if you clearly don't intend to, he doesn't know. You shouldn't rush yourself to visit his place or pressure him to get you involved in his personal life too quickly as this could scare him and make him even more introverted. This goes for your personal life as well - he may not want to get too involved in your life until he knows he's sure where the relationship is headed. Once he has taken some time and feels he can trust you, he will invite you to be part of his life - usually he will fall in love with you.

7. He couldn't tell you why he is emotionally damaged

You need to understand that a broken man may not tell you why he is emotionally damaged. As much as you might want to know what happened to him so that you can fully understand what influenced him so much, you may not find out for a long time or you may never know. Sometimes when bad things happen to people, especially when it comes to the heart, they don't want to discuss it because it just creates trauma that they are trying to process.

Once he's been your man for a while, he might open up to you and tell you the details of how he got damaged. This takes a lot of courage for broken men. If he ever tells you, you need to make sure that you are as understanding as possible. Never use what he told you against him. Just try to understand what he told you, take care of him and comfort him.

Whether or not this guy ever tells you how his heart got damaged, it doesn't matter because you will never know the full story since you weren't there. The best you can do is try to help him by showing love - we'll get into that later.

8. He will have low self-confidence

When someone has been repeatedly broken down by other people or their heart has been broken in really terrible ways, they are less self-confident than others. Perhaps the man you are dating has previously had an abusive relationship with a romantic partner or parent - if so, he is very low in self-confidence. In abusive relationships, the victim is constantly depressed and criticized. If this behavior continues for an extended period of time, the victim really begins to believe that they are not worthy of love because something is wrong with them. You will get into a state of seriously low self-esteem and self-esteem.

Even if the man you dated did not have an abusive relationship, even a bad breakup or cheating can create low self-confidence. Then when you go out with him, he really won't be able to believe that someone would want to get to know him for who he is and he will find it very confusing. Maybe you need to reassure him that you like him a lot, or listen to him and ask why you are with him in the first place.

The only thing you can do to improve this man's confidence is try to let him see how amazing he is - let him see you through your eyes. It will be the best feeling when you see this man get more confident and know that you are probably dealing with a lot.

9. It's not a project to work on

For some reason, many women view damaged men as a specific group of men who are very attractive. This could have something to do with women naturally wanting to help and make things better. However, it is really disturbing to think that a woman would consciously choose to date an emotionally broken man because she can try to make things better and fix him. It's like the emotionally damaged man has been romanticized.

While you may want to help this man, you should want to help him because you love him and try to make things better for him, not because you find it exciting to have an emotionally damaged man trying to get around and to take care of Fix.

10. Through love you can help him heal

While you should never choose to be with someone because they are broken, if you really fall in love with a broken man, you can help them heal. If you choose to stay with a man who is damaged, you can be instrumental to his recovery by showing him the care and love his heart needs. There may be a great way you can make things better for this man. There are several ways you can help a broken man, but just be aware that it always takes time before a broken man lets other people care for them and show them love.

One of the best things you can do is just be there for him. Listen to him, respect what he has to say, and let him open up to you if he thinks it will make things better. You can also just show him that he made your life better and you want to improve his life with your love and care. If you think this can be beneficial, suggest that he speak to a professional based on what you know about the events that caused him emotional damage. You can even show extra care and let him know that you are happy to go with him. It's best to be frivolous when it comes to something this sensitive as he may not want to talk to other people about his problems.

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It can be one of the best feelings in the world to know that you have helped someone by simply showing them love and care.


I really hope this article has helped you find out not only what the signs of a broken hearted man are, but also what to expect when dating a broken hearted man. Hopefully by now you know exactly how to spot a broken man, know exactly what to expect from a date with broken men, and know exactly how to deal with when you fall in love with one.

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