How are swords made

How were the swords of the knights made?


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How were the swords of the knights made?

A knight without a sword? Inconceivably! But how were the swords made and from what material? Ines from Neumarkt asked this question.

Swords were essential to equipping a knight. The swords were often as famous as their owners themselves, for example King Arthur's sword "Excalibur". Swords were a symbol of power and domination and have been made since the Bronze Age (around 2200 to 1200 BC).

Illustration: Arthur, Knight of the Round Table, with his famous Excalibur sword

Most important weapon

Swords usually have a straight, wide blade that can be single or double-edged. For the knights it was the most important weapon. Good swords were very precious. They were forged from iron. Artful forging methods gave them their suppleness and sharpness. Often old weapons were melted down to reuse their metal.
Cherished and cared for by miners

The miners had to take great care of the swords, sharpen them and polish them so that they didn't rust. They had to be straightened after fighting because they were often bent and dented. Inlays or elaborate decorations have also been incorporated into the handle. Each sword was unique.

Stable and heavy
The sword was usually over a meter long, because it served as a cutting weapon to hit the head or body of the opponent. It was stable and heavy and weighed between two and three kilograms. Its handle was so long that you could grasp the sword with both hands when striking.

Magic swords

In addition to the already mentioned "Excalibur" sword, there was repeated talk of magic swords in sagas and legends. Swords are often so involved in the mostly tragic course of action that they are almost seen as living beings. For example, Siegfried's sword "Balmung" became famous in the "Ring of the Nibelungs".

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