What will happen to Westeros

How was "Game of Thrones" supposed to end?

Warning, spoilers! The following text contains numerous spoilers for the plot and finale of "Game of Thrones".

Like "House of Cards", but with dragons. This is how "Game of Thrones" was often described. It could have been so beautiful. Over several seasons one could lose oneself in intelligently interwoven storylines and in the lives of the consistently complex and realistic characters and surrender to the general unpredictability of the story. Would the favorite character survive? How would the story end? Questions that have moved viewers for years. It has now been ten years since the first episode of the eight-season series was broadcast and subsequently won an immense crowd of enthusiastic viewers worldwide.

The end is dark and full of horror

In the later seasons, however - according to the general consensus - things went downhill, probably also because George R.R. Martin's literary source was missing: prophecies and hints that ended in nowhere, enormous logic gaps and a carelessly written and shabby-looking plot. Once important pillars of the plot are lost in utter insignificance. Like the White Walker. They are featured in the very first scene in the series, and you immediately sense the unimaginable horror that emanates from them. In the course of the squadrons, the threat in the background becomes clearer and more concrete. Then at the beginning of the last season there is the all-important battle, Arya kills the leader and then - nothing. They will never be talked about again, their motives or their story play no role, nor do their destruction really matter.

Instead, the time is filled with characters who seem to have suddenly become a lot dumber than they were just a few seasons ago - or who have simply completely forgotten who they are. A Brienne who turns from the once proud and strong fighter to the little girl, unhappily in love, who is abandoned by her crush. Tyrion, once the smartest mind in all of Westeros, who at the end makes one mistake after the other and has evidently given up his knowledge of human nature at some palace gate. And of course Daenerys, who quickly becomes a caricature of a villain - only to bless the temporal just as quickly.

How was the series supposed to end?

Which storyline disappointed you the most towards the end? What better way to solve the problems of the last few seasons? And to stay positive: What did you find so special about "Game of Thrones"? Exchange ideas in the forum! (aan, April 21, 2021)