What is a project management control system

Control of the schedule

In project management, the control of the schedule determines the current status of the project schedule and is also included there. Among other things, it is determined which factors cause the change or adjustments, which of them are to be approved, neglected or analyzed. In addition, if possible, all stakeholders in a project must be informed of the changes. The project management should have already clarified in advance how changes were to be dealt with when they occurred. Controlling the schedule is part of the integrated change control process. The tools and methods include reports on the progress of the project. The reporting of the project progress and the current schedule status contain information such as the actual start and end times as well as the remaining duration of unfinished schedule activities. If a progress measurement such as the completion value is used, the degree of progress of the schedule activities that are currently being performed can also be included. For the periodic reports on the project progress, a template can be used during the project life cycle, which was created for uniform use across various project-organizational components. The template can be on paper or electronically. Another tool is the control system for schedule changes; it includes the documents, tracking systems and release levels required to approve changes. Furthermore, the tools available to project management include: project management software, deviation analysis and the graphic representation of the whole with bar charts for comparing schedules.