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Hello to Mrs. Captain,

nice that your course drove you here, because this is the right place for you. Moor in the harbor for power women, drop your anchor and tell us your story. Because Frau Kapitän stands for all women who want more. Full speed ahead or reach your destination via detours. Who do not let themselves be shaken and who inspire other women with it. Are there limits for us? No! Are there any challenges? Yes. We will overcome these - together. Because “together” is the magic word and that's why we love campaigns like #heforshe. With us no man is brought in Kiel. We are also happy about strong men who stand behind our power women. Welcome!

Who is behind Mrs. Captain?

Andrea Brinkmann | Naval officer | Qualified Pedagogue | Master of Arts (Marketing & Communication) and founder of the blog

Perhaps you have already noticed that Frau Kapitän has something to do with the Bundeswehr. Correct: After graduating from high school in 2001, I decided to join the Navy as one of the first female officers. After a ruling by the European Court of Justice, the Bundeswehr had only just opened up to women in all areas. Today women are normal in the Bundeswehr, even if I would like to see even more people in the top management positions. But more on that later in the blog ...

Because I am always asked: Mrs. Captain or Mrs. Captain? Actually, both are wrong. In the navy it says, without ifs and buts: Ms. Kap’tän 😉 Since the Internet does not use this punctuation as loosely as the seafarers, we stick with Ms. Captain. At that time still a seaman, I set sail on the training ship Gorch Fock. Later I crossed the Indian Ocean with the frigate Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. But I have never really grown sea legs. I decided to switch to naval training. From then on I put young soldiers in leadership roles. I trained them to prepare for deployment scenarios, combed forests and clearings and trained them in military craft as well as in their theoretical duties. Seven years ago I switched to press and public relations in the German Armed Forces. Here, in Germany, but also in Afghanistan and Kosovo, I translated military services into civilian messages. Communication is my passion, which is why I topped my training with a Social Media Manager and a Master of Arts.

So, if you will, I'm a trained soldier. I learned to shoot, to lead and to assert myself in a world of men. I left the Bundeswehr in 2014. I did not decide against the profession of a soldier, but decided on a new path in life. As a soldier, I have to be where the troops are. As a mother of two children, that can no longer be achieved so intensely. But in my heart I will always remain a soldier. The past few years have been an exciting time that has shaped me a lot, which is why I am still a reservist today and design new seminars for the Bundeswehr. Nevertheless, my ship has now moored in Nuremberg. Here I work at the leadership academy of the Federal Employment Agency. Topics that move me: Bundeswehr, women in leadership positions, security policy and much more. You are also welcome to invite me to your lectures and discussions. I look forward to getting to know you.


Silvia Seidl | Psychologist | Guest author

Hello dear blog readers. My name is Silvia Seidl. In future you will read a guest post from me once a month. As a native of Upper Franconia, I have lived near Nuremberg for a long time. I'm pretty crazy about mountains in summer and winter, I like sports, books, newspapers, theater, music, people, justice, silliness and the 1st FCN. Most of the time, I'm a merciless optimist. That can be quite exhausting for others, but it doesn't help. There is no such thing as impossible. Well, maybe it already exists - very rarely.

Professionally, I am a qualified psychologist and here we come closer to the reason why Ms. Kapitän pointed her telescope at me when looking for a guest author. Before starting my studies at the University of Erlangen, in addition to psychology, theater studies, literary studies, journalism and social work were also shortlisted, but in the end the impulse won that I could use my skills in dealing with people and my natural feeling for what someone needs and what doesn’t want to use. I have never regretted the decision to study psychology. In the meantime, the readers and editors of the "Pegnitz-Zeitung" had to pay for my writing madness. You suspect that from now on there will be new victims ...

After graduation, I started my professional career with a trainee program in the professional psychological service of the Federal Employment Agency. The incredible diversity of people still fascinates me in my work after nine years of work. In the meantime I work less advisory and more strategically and conceptually, but still very close to the needs of different people. In addition, I am currently completing further training to become a systemic counselor and therapist, with the aim of offering a few hours a week of counseling and therapy work outside of my professional context.

“You are not unfamiliar with any human abyss,” a friend recently said to me, half mockingly, half appreciatively. “And also no human elevation,” I added spontaneously. Far too often we look at the disadvantages that behavior has, at the abysses, the weaknesses, of others and of ourselves. Far too seldom do we look at the top qualities that need to be exposed, at the strengths that one still has can strengthen more, on the benefits of supposedly negative behaviors. In future, I would like to share my psychological expertise, my experience with a wide variety of people and my resource-oriented, confident view of the (psychological) things of everyday life with you in my guest posts. I look forward to lively discussions, feedback and suggestions, including thematic ones. The Frau Kapitän blog has grown quite dear to my heart by now. My initial fear that such a blog could go too much - for my taste - in the feminist direction has completely disappeared. I think it's great how he gives us ideas and tips from unfamiliar perspectives (at any rate, Bundeswehr perspectives are pretty unfamiliar to me) and how the statements, careers and biographies presented encourage us to listen to our own needs. We read each other. I'm happy for that.

Why Fraukapitänblog?

The decision of me, Andrea, to join the armed forces at the age of 19 initially met with great skepticism from some friends and family. After all, the armed forces were almost a man's bastion up until then and no classmate, daughter or friend in the vicinity had ever done that. As a 16-year-old, it was always clear to me that later on I wanted to do “something with people”. I wanted to take on responsibility and get out of Berlin as a matter of urgency. I wanted to see the world. For a long time I thought I would become a teacher and maybe study in southern Germany, maybe one semester abroad. I didn't really have a real insight into the career opportunities. But then coincidence led me to the Bundeswehr (at some point I'll tell you about it here in the blog :-)). There I completed a degree in education and was involved in the training of young soldiers. That was exactly the right area for me. I really enjoyed communicating something to others. Life in the field and at sea, experiencing limits, working with my comrades has always motivated me. Maybe it was luck, or maybe it was destiny. It was definitely the right decision.

With this blog I want to show young women out there that it is worth listening to your inner being. That certain things are worth fighting for and that sometimes it is the unusual paths that must be followed in order to find one's own path. Every day, maybe even weekly, the open exchange of ideas and information should be encouraged. I would like to present you with stories, short stories and moments that inspire us and teach us to stand by ourselves.

My motivation: to explore and communicate exciting stories! My vision: To give young women inspiration and support on their way.

Would you like to get to know me better, do you have questions or are you just curious?
Then send me a message! I am happy about each and every one of them!

Greetings your Andrea

PS: This is my first blog. I will probably have to do a little more with the technical finesse. But take courage, we'll manage it There are also plans to set up a community here. If you have any tips, please send them to me.