Why become a travel agent

10 reasons why you should book at a travel agency

The internet offers more and more information, possibilities and ways to book your personal dream trip. Nonetheless, travel agencies are more important than ever today. In this blog post, we'll give you 10 reasons why booking through a travel agency is still the most practical way.

1. Booking online is complicated

There are new cruise ships, resorts, airline tariffs and price hits every day. Keeping an overview is not easy, especially for laypeople. Most information is easy to find thanks to search engines like Google, but is the information always correct and up-to-date? The travel experts in the travel agencies find out about the latest news on a daily basis, regularly take part in training courses and have direct contact with tour operators, airlines and destinations. You will therefore find a contact person for all questions in the travel agencies. But not only the overview of the latest offers is complicated, booking for larger families, for example, possibly with different names and generations, is no picnic and too complex for many booking sites on the Internet. Here, too, travel agency professionals help with the planning and logistics of such trips.

2. Travel experts know what's exciting - and how to get there

The world is full of unique experiences and events. Do you want to go to the Olympic Games, the Passion Play in Germany or the World Expo in Dubai? Do you want to go to remote places and don't know how? The travel experts at our travel agency know how to get there and can also get you tickets for events.

3. The travel agency saves time and offers security

Getting inspiration from the internet is great. Numerous companies, influencers and travel bloggers share their adventures with the whole world. But travel planning is hard work. In addition, you never know what to believe, whether the information is complete and whether the provider is reputable. Our travel experts have traveled the world and can often report from their own experience or know someone who has already been there. They provide competent and comprehensive answers and can be addressed personally before or after the trip.

4. We are there for you

Unforeseen things like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or violent storms happen again and again in our world. These confuse travel and create special situations on site. The travel agency helps quickly and easily in situations in which others have to laboriously search for the right contact person and then have to reach him.

5. The travel agency makes your vacation perfect

Holidays are all the more important given our stressful everyday life. Everything should be just right and it should be exactly how you imagine it. The travel agency can not only save you time before and during the trip, it can also offer you that unexpected “extra touch” and put your trip together according to your individual wishes.

6. Your trust and satisfaction are important to us

For travel agencies, customer satisfaction and the well-being of customers are paramount. In a good travel agency you listen to the customer, make suggestions, adapt the offer according to their wishes and over time you become a friendly advisor. Whoever participates in travel before, during and afterwards is part of the journey. That creates satisfaction and trust.

7. It is not just sold, but advised

Where shouldn't you go right now? Where can you experience something special this year and next? When is hurricane season actually? Our competent travel experts don't just sell trips - they discover, research and experience for themselves, in the interests of their customers, to whom they pass on this knowledge in advice.

8. Travel agencies are not necessarily more expensive, but offer added value

It is no secret that travel agencies, as is common in other industries, charge costs for advice. However, the value of the service usually far outweighs the costs. So why save on professional advice for the success of the most important weeks of the year when you are spending a lot of money on countless nonsense?

9. Do you want something special? You can get it at the travel agency

Travel agency professionals know how to get to specific places, events, services. You have your own, often global, network and professional IT tools to ensure that customers get exactly what they want - if this is of course possible at all. But sometimes the impossible is also tried.

10. The expert can do it better than you

You can cut your hair yourself, fill in your taxes yourself or prepare your own cappuccino. But you like to let a professional do it. Of course, you can also put your trip together yourself ... or let the professionals do the job here too.