Should creative people be poorly paid

Jobs for creative people

Do you regularly enchant your loved ones with enchanting texts, do you love to experiment with colors on canvas or do you always have a camera with you to capture interesting motifs? Then you may be born artists. Do you make the world a little more colorful with your art and earn a lot of admiration for your creative work? But as the saying goes, you can't buy anything from admiration and applause. Let alone pay your rent or make a living. Isn't it better if you concentrate on jobs that really bring in money, or not? However, we spend a large part of our lives working. We should have fun doing what we do. We have good news: jobs for creative people don't always have to be badly paid. There are tons of creative jobs that you can take a closer look at if you want to combine passion and money making.

Jobs for creative people - what are the options?

There are some industries that have creative jobs. In the media industry, for example, there are creative minds. Journalists work here for magazines and newspapers as well as television. In the media industry there are jobs for creative people in front of and behind the camera. Often you get around a lot in this industry and acquire a wide range of knowledge. Creativity is also in demand in the software industry. Creative ideas are necessary, for example, when new digital products have to be developed. Games, apps and websites have to be developed and designed. You are also in the right place in the marketing industry if you want to earn money with your creativity. You can develop creative advertising contributions for companies or people. You help your customers to increase their level of awareness with advertising films, photo shoots or other ideas. Or are you interested in fashion and would like to design your own collections? You can become a designer and turn your passion for fashion into a profession. Design is not limited to clothing. You can design websites, packaging, products, furniture, and other things. If you have a good feel for shapes, colors and materials, then you've come to the right place.

The architecture sector also offers jobs for creative people. You can turn your passion for design into a profession and become an architect. You work with different materials, colors and shapes and design new houses, buildings and other things. Since the projects are always changing, your creativity is constantly challenged. You can also get creative as a photographer. Here you usually work as a freelancer and organize your day-to-day work independently. Whether you take photos at weddings or stage products, work in the studio or outdoors, is entirely up to you. The advantage here is that you have a lot of freedom in structuring your everyday professional life. Some professions do not seem particularly creative at first glance, but creativity is also in demand in mechanical engineering and engineering professions. Here, creative solutions to technical problems often have to be found. If you are used to thinking in unusual ways and being creative, this can be an advantage in technical professions.

Jobs for creative people - apprenticeships in the creative field

Are you technically gifted and is practice more important than theory? Then you should look around for jobs for creatives that do not require a degree. Training in the creative field is usually less theoretical, it is more practical. In the arts and crafts area you will find jobs for creative people who represent a good mix of theory and practice. The following apprenticeships are available in the creative area:

  • Hairdresser: Hairdressers are bound by the wishes of their customers, but they must also be able to advise and be familiar with colors and aesthetics.
  • Designer for visual marketing: In this apprenticeship you deal with the design of concepts for exhibitions, shop windows and sales rooms. Often you then implement your ideas yourself or guide others in their implementation. You can usually complete this training in large furniture and department stores. You then have the opportunity to do further training.
  • Confectioner: Do you enjoy baking and decorating cakes and pastries in an appealing way? Then apprenticeship as a pastry chef would be a good choice for you. Here, depending on the work environment, you can be very creative and conjure up the most beautiful pies and delicious cakes.
  • Handicrafts: Handicrafts have a long tradition and continue to fascinate many people. If you have discovered your interest in a rather rare handicraft, it may of course be that you have to accept a move for such an apprenticeship. Finding a niche in arts and crafts can take you a long way. However, you then have to be ready to do advanced training and keep developing. Craft jobs for creative people can be, for example, engravers, stonemasons, porcelain painters and goldsmiths and silversmiths.
  • Photographer: You can also train to be a photographer. If you don't want to learn this profession as an autodidact, you can look for appropriate training.
  • Media designer: If you choose the apprenticeship as a media designer, you can choose different directions. You can become a media designer for print and sound and thus secure job opportunities in publishing houses, advertising agencies and large companies. For example, you need to graphically design magazines and promotional materials. Or you can become a media designer for image and sound and work for radio and television companies.
  • Marketing communications specialist: In this apprenticeship, you develop campaigns and then accompany them with your experience and know-how. You can be responsible for print advertising or deal with online marketing. Online marketing has recently appeared to be particularly promising. You can also complete numerous training courses here and, for example, become a social media manager.

Jobs for creative people do not always have to be recognizable as such from the outset. Creativity is also in demand in manual professions such as gardener, cook, florist or carpenter. You can also get creative as a beautician or nail designer.

Jobs for creative people - you can study that

You want to study, but don't want to deal with facts and figures every day, but rather do something creative? The following courses could be something for you:

  • Architect / interior designer: You can live out your creativity as an architect or interior designer. In interior design you have even more opportunities to play and experiment with colors, shapes and materials.
  • Marketing / Online Marketing: In marketing you have to do with numbers, but these areas also have many creative aspects. For example, if you are studying media or communication sciences or marketing, you can shape your professional life according to your interests and set different priorities. Maybe you want to deal with print things, bring advertising on television, develop strategies for ecommerce or social media. There are some jobs for creative people here.
  • Journalist: Journalism is often about facts, but depending on the area, you can also get very creative. When it comes to topics such as lifestyle, fashion or food, creative elements should not be missing.
  • Graphic designer: This profession is considered to be particularly creative. You have to be familiar with colors and shapes and are allowed to design websites, product packaging or advertising campaigns, for example.

Creative jobs - can you even earn anything there?

Being an artist, being creative, is often equated with art without a job. As with many other idioms, there is a grain of truth in this one. Because not everyone can really earn money with the job they enjoy doing. Creative professions and artistic activities in particular are often not paid particularly well. There are always exceptions, of course. There are well-known names and artists in music, art and literature who earn more a month than many a business administration graduate in a year. But behind these individual names there is a mass of artists who give their best every day and are not seen. As a creative person, do you have to choose between passion and good pay? Fortunately, this is not always the case. There are certainly creative professions with a salary that can be used to make a living. However, you will rarely be among the top earners. If a high salary is more important to you, you have to choose sectors such as the aerospace industry, the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, or the finance or IT industry.

If you are looking for jobs for creative people in which you can secure a decent salary, you are well advised to work in marketing or in the media industry. Here entry-level salaries of 35,000 euros per year or higher are sometimes possible. You don't necessarily have to gnaw on starvation if you are interested in jobs for creative people. It is important to know that you have better chances of a high salary if you complete further training.


There are a wide variety of jobs for creative people and you don't have to bury your head in the sand if you want to turn your passion into a profession. Numerous industries offer jobs for creative people. It is important that you remain open and flexible. Even if you've found a niche for yourself, you may not be successful in that area. You must always be ready to evolve and reinvent yourself. But that no longer only applies to the creative professions. The working world has become very agile and fast-paced. That means, use your creativity not only for the job, but also for your personal further education. Are you creative? And which creative job doesn’t exist yet, but would have to be invented for you?

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