Why does my mouse pointer disappear

Windows Windows 10: Mouse pointer gone - what to do?


It can also happen with PCs that use Windows 10: The mouse pointer simply disappears or freezes. How to solve this problem and find the disappeared cursor again, see this article.

Disconnect and reconnect the mouse

The first thing to do is to make sure that your mouse is properly connected to the PC. Is the cable properly plugged into the socket? Try other USB ports as well, if possible use a USB 2.0 port. Also test the mouse on another computer. However, it often helps to disconnect the mouse from the computer and then reconnect it. It doesn't matter whether the mouse is plugged directly into a USB port or communicating with the computer wirelessly, which is the case with Bluetooth mice.

Restart the computer

Sounds easy, and often it is. Restart your PC, the cursor may reappear afterwards. To restart the PC without a mouse, first press the key combination [Windows] + [R]. An input field opens. Here you enter: shutdown -r -t 0. Confirm with [Enter]. Your PC will then restart immediately.

Change batteries or activate touchpad

Bluetooth mice communicate wirelessly with the PC. Therefore, you need your own source of energy, usually batteries. Replace them if they are empty or too weak. If you do not use a mouse but a touchpad, this must be activated. Depending on the device, you have to use one of the F-keys or double-tap on a certain point on the touchpad itself.

Reinstall driver

As with other hardware, there is also driver software for the mouse. If the Windows 10 mouse pointer has disappeared, reinstalling the driver can help. You need the control panel for this. Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Emergency solution: control the mouse pointer with the keyboard


If your mouse is broken and your device doesn't have a touchpad, you can use your keyboard to control the pointer. Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Quick guide: Reinstall the mouse driver

  1. Press [Windows] + [R]to open the input field. Enter there: "shell: ControlPanelFolder"and press [Enter].
  2. In the control panel you navigate with tabButton to "Device manager"and press [Enter].
  3. Press the [tab] Button and then use the to navigate Down arrowKey up to "Mice and other pointing devices". Press the Arrow to the rightButton to unfold the devices.
  4. Choose by Down arrowKey on your mouse and then press [Enter].
  5. Use the [tab] Button until the tab above is selected. With the Arrow keys (right / left) then switch to the tab "driver"and navigate there by [tab] Button to "Uninstall device". Confirm with [Enter].
  6. Finally, navigate using [tab] Button to "Uninstall"and confirm with [Enter]. Then disconnect the mouse from the PC, restart it and reconnect the mouse to reinstall the driver.

Brief instructions: Controlling the mouse pointer with the keyboard

  1. Press [Windows] + [I]. In the settings press the [tab]-Button.
  2. Then go with the Arrow keys to "Ease of use"and press [Enter].
  3. Use [tab].
  4. By Down arrow go up to "mouse"and then press [Enter].
  5. With the [tab] Button go to "Control the mouse using a numeric keypad".
  6. If the slider is selected, press the [Space bar] to activate the function. If the number pad on your keyboard is activated, you can now use it to control the mouse pointer.