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Cancer Statistics: Common Cancers and Their Chances of Cure

Diagnosis of cancer: For many people this still sounds like a death sentence. It is true that some types of cancer are still difficult to cure. But especially for the common types of tumor such as skin, breast, colon or prostate cancer, the chances of recovery have increased significantly in recent years.

Every second man and around 43 percent of women will develop cancer in their lifetime. According to the Center for Cancer Registry Data (ZfKD), this was around 478,000 new cases in 2012. Of the women affected, 67 percent survive at least five years after diagnosis, compared to 62 percent for men. For many types of tumors, this period of time means that the cancer is considered cured. After that, relapses are unlikely.

Significantly increased chances of survival with breast cancer

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The graph shows the five-year survival rates of the seven most common cancers in women. In the case of breast cancer, the chances of recovery have improved significantly. "Despite the increased number of new cases, fewer women are dying of breast cancer today than ten years ago," writes the Center for Cancer Registry Data in its latest report. Even with skin and uterine cancer, more than 80 percent of those affected survive.

Prostate cancer is rarely a death sentence

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The seven most common types of tumors in men also show the improved chances of recovery: For example, 93 percent of those affected with prostate cancer - the most common type of cancer in men - survive for more than five years. The prognosis is also good for tumors on the skin, kidneys or intestines.

The fact that cancer can now be treated well is also due to the improved early detection. However, there are some tumors that are difficult to detect in the early stages. These include lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. With the latter, less than ten percent of those affected survive more than five years.

Everyone can reduce their risk

There is a lot you can do to reduce your risk of developing cancer. At least 40 percent of cancer cases can be avoided through a healthy lifestyle, estimates the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) - even treacherous forms such as lung cancer. Above all, the experts advise not to smoke and to avoid being overweight. More exercise, sun protection, a healthy diet and avoiding excessive alcohol also reduce the risk of cancer. Those who also take advantage of the early detection measures increase their chances that a malignant tumor will be discovered early and can therefore be treated better.

These are the most common types of tumors in men and women

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