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Android: create multiple users on one device

With Android, you can create multiple users on your smartphone or tablet without worrying that someone will access your user profile and read out private data.

Android: User management on smartphones and tablets

From operating version 4.2.2, there is a user administration on your smartphone or tablet under Android with which you can create several user profiles, each with its own environment, at least on your tablet. The special thing about it is that each user profile is password-protected and can only be viewed by the owner. This is especially useful when you want to give up your device without worrying about someone spying on your applications, private messages, or pictures.

  • As a rule, you can set up guest accounts on your device from the operating version mentioned. This guest account has restricted rights and its own environment.
  • Note that each additional user profile or guest account takes up part of the total memory, even if the user has hardly any applications or files on his profile.

Create multiple users on the Android smartphone

You cannot currently create user profiles on Android smartphones, regardless of the operating version. However, there are already some apps in the Google Play Store, such as "SwitchMe", with which you can set up any number of users on a cell phone.

  • The catch with such apps, however, is that they are not compatible with every device. If an application is compatible with your smartphone, there is also the fact that none of these apps has yet run completely reliably and can even cause problems. Last but not least, all of these applications are only available in English and require that you have previously unlocked your smartphone via root.
  • In the fall of this year, Google is to publish the new operating version Android 5.0 with the cryptonym Android "L". The new operating version should bring numerous innovations with it. At the same time, a new function provides that you can create multiple user profiles on your smartphone in the future.
  • Alternatively, you can also install the custom ROM CyanogenMod, with which you can already create several users.

Android: Set up the user guest account on the tablet

Since the Android version "Jelly Bean" 4.2.2 you can manage several user profiles on your tablet. For example, you can share a tablet with your family members without interfering with each other. In addition, as of version 4.3, parents with restricted profiles are able to prohibit their children from certain activities, such as purchasing Play Store items.

  1. Open the "Settings" on your Android tablet and select the "User" option under the "Device" category.
  2. Now tap with your finger on "+ user or create profile" and in a further step set up either a new "user" or a "restricted profile" with a name of your choice.
  3. Note that a "user" has access to their own apps and content. With a "restricted profile" you can restrict the user's access to applications and content from your account.
  4. If you are satisfied with the settings for a new user or another user profile, confirm the security question "Set up user / profile now?" with "Set up now" or "Yes".
  5. To access the new profile you have created, switch your tablet to standby mode or restart your tablet and select the profile you want on the lockscreen.

If you would like to set up user management on your smartphone using applications such as "SwitchMe", you must unlock your device with a so-called "root". How to unlock your smartphone with a root is explained in another practical tip.