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African names: 62 names for girls and boys

African names are as diverse as the countries of the continent themselves. That is why we have put together the most beautiful names from more than 30 countries for you.

African names: names from the cradle of mankind

Africa is also known as the "cradle of humanity". This is where all our languages ​​come from. There are said to be more than 2,000 active languages ​​in the 55 countries of the continent, some of which are tens of thousands of years old and some languages ​​have not yet been researched. The first names are just as varied as the languages ​​on the continent are numerous.

Swahili, Somali, Amharic, Yoribe or Malagasy are among the most famous languages ​​in Africa. However, Arabic is also spoken in many places. Languages ​​left behind from colonial times are also widespread: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. Therefore, the names are partly shaped by these languages.

African first names: meaning particularly important

Many parents would like to give their children something positive or a wish to take with them on their way through life. Happiness, strength, courage, beauty or happiness are wishes that are particularly often expressed with a name. With African names, the meanings are often more important than the sound of the name.

There is a very special tradition in Ghana: Among the Ghanaian Akan children are named after the day of the week on which they were born. Thursday means for them z. B. Yawoada and the appropriate names are i.a. Yaaba for girls or Yaw for boys.

African boy names

  1. Musa (Egypt)
  2. Lunis (Algeria)
  3. Zulu (Angola)
  4. Hawi (Ethiopia)
  5. David (Benin)
  6. Azul (Botswana)
  7. Byduo (Burkina Faso)
  8. Enock (Burundi)
  9. Ibrahim (Cote d'Ivoire / Ivory Coast)
  10. Kidane (Eritrea)
  11. Kasim (Ghana)
  12. Moussa (Guinea)
  13. Nanu (Guinea-Bissau)
  14. Menkam (Cameroon)
  15. Abud (Kenya)
  16. Djuma (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  17. Melvin (Madagascar)
  18. Amadou (Mali)
  19. Younes (Morocco)
  20. Moustapha (Mauritania)
  21. Kovu (Mozambique)
  22. Deon (Namibia)
  23. Ikechukwu (Nigeria)
  24. Mbaye (Senegal)
  25. Thabani (Zimbabwe)
  26. Cabdulaahi (Somalia)
  27. Bulelani (South Africa)
  28. Mao (Tanzania)
  29. Napo (Togo)
  30. Bassem (Tunisia)
  31. Bevis (Uganda)

African girl names

  1. Salia (Egypt)
  2. Zohra (Algeria)
  3. Luela (Angola)
  4. Ayana (Ethiopia)
  5. Osayi (Benin)
  6. Amantlé (Botswana)
  7. Nebou (Burkina Faso)
  8. Imani (Burundi)
  9. Lowey (Cote d'Ivoire / Ivory Coast)
  10. Sesuna (Eritrea)
  11. Lamina (Gambia)
  12. Aba (Ghana)
  13. Linou (Cameroon)
  14. Majira (Kenya)
  15. Amani (Comoros)
  16. Elikia (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  17. Cumba (Liberia)
  18. Santatra (Madagascar)
  19. Nadia (Morocco)
  20. Mamy (Mauritania)
  21. Jamila (Mozambique)
  22. Fela (Nigeria)
  23. Safiya (Rwanda)
  24. Aissatou (Senegal)
  25. Zola (Somalia)
  26. Faheema (Sudan)
  27. Mandisa (South Africa)
  28. Nala (Tanzania)
  29. Delali (Togo)
  30. Hayet (Tunisia)
  31. Malaika (Uganda)

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