How can I become an assistant director?

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The assistant director supports the director in his work. In essence, he leads the director's book, in which all the important data for a production are noted: positions, passages, text changes and deletions, appearances and exits, etc. This work requires great care, because the director's book with its notes is the basis for the later repertoire presentations and resumptions. It must be clear at all times which concept a staging is based on and how the play should proceed. Furthermore, the assistant director has the task of drawing up the rehearsal schedule in consultation with the director. In doing so, he must take into account the artistic as well as the spatial and personal conditions. Each sample must be used as effectively as possible. He is also the central point of contact between the director and the employees of the respective production as well as all affected departments in the company. The assistant director often also takes on the role of evening director. It includes the supervision and training of guest actors as well as the artistic supervision of the evening repertoire performances.

At what point in time the assistant director can become director cannot be predicted. It usually takes several years before he is entrusted with the first direction of his own. Until then, he should try to learn as much as possible and familiarize himself with the structures of rehearsal work. At the same time, it makes sense to make your first attempts at directing on studio stages with acting or singing students.


For the requirements, see the information from the director. In Germany, in contrast to some other countries, there is no training to become an assistant director. The practical experience you gain as an assistant director is an important basis for your own directorial work later on. It is therefore not advisable to attempt to "avoid" being an assistant director in favor of an immediate assignment as a director.


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