Where is the key to happiness hidden

Night cafe

Episode 798

  • Money, fame, love - what is the key to happiness?

    Is there a recipe for luck? Everyone is looking for it, but the key to happiness seems to be well hidden. Is it the villa with a view of the sea, an independent life without obligations or the unconditional devotion to God behind the monastery walls? Happiness is relative, everyone understands something different by it. But there are facts that make the feeling of happiness tangible. For example, people who have just fallen in love feel particularly happy. The freedom to make your own life decisions and social security also play a major role in a satisfied life. However, it is often only a stroke of fate, such as a life-threatening illness, that creates awareness of what the parameters for true happiness are. And finally, there are those fleeting moments of happiness - and everyone uses them differently. One of them grabs his luck after winning the lottery and builds a new existence with it, the other leads a life of poverty two years after the profit distribution. “What is the key to happiness?” - the topic in Michael Steinbrecher's night café. (Text: SWR)

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