Can catch a rabbit

Can rabbits be protected from rabbit plague?

There are several ways to protect your rabbit from myxomatosis:

1. Vaccination

You can have your rabbit vaccinated against myxomatosis at the vet. The first vaccination takes place between the fourth and sixth week of life. In order for the vaccine to work sufficiently, a re-vaccination must be given after four weeks and then every six months.

The disadvantage: the vaccine can lead to vaccination myxomatosis. This means that a lump can form in the skin at the vaccination site. As a rule, however, this lump recedes after a few weeks.

2. Hygiene

If you do not want to have your rabbit vaccinated or if you want to provide additional protection against infection, you should clean the rabbit cages regularly. However, many cleaning agents are not effective against the myxomatosis virus. That is why you should use hot water over 60 degrees Celsius. In addition, you should change the litter every day and ensure good hand hygiene and separate shoes when entering the enclosure.

3. Parasite protection

Since the myxomatosis virus is mainly transmitted via parasites, you should protect your rabbit against vermin. You can also find effective anti-parasite products and care products in the zooplus online shop.