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Samsung Galaxy A6 + in the test: price, colors, technical data

Test grade



The Galaxy A6 Plus is a good entry-level smartphone. In the test, the sharp and very bright display for the price range was particularly convincing. The workmanship of the metal case was also impeccable. Nevertheless, it offers outdated technology in some points: the WLAN is slow, fast charging is not possible and the housing is not waterproof. (Grade 2.7 according to the test procedure valid until the end of 2019.)

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  • Very bright display
  • Large, sharp display
  • Main camera neat
  • Good cellular reception
  • Dual SIM (hybrid)
  • Not waterproof
  • No fast charging
  • No wireless charging
  • Outdated WiFi
  • Dual SIM only if there is no memory card
In addition to the Samsung Galaxy A6, Samsung has also given its entry-level A-Class of 2018 a larger model: the Galaxy A6 Plus. After the small A6 disappointed in the test especially compared to the numerical predecessor Galaxy A5 (2017), many A-Class fans were eagerly awaiting the Galaxy A6 Plus (written by Samsung as “Galaxy A6 +”). Technical data such as a sharper display and a Qualcomm processor meant that a better test result could initially be expected for the Plus model. Puff cake: The detailed laboratory test now available comes with an overall good rating, but does not give the Galaxy A6 Plus a brilliant rating in a number of areas. This test report shows why.

The Samsung Galaxy A6 in the COMPUTER BILD editorial team.

Samsung Galaxy A6 +: display and design

First the positive: The screen, like the Galaxy S8 and S9 in the beautifully slim 18.5: 9 format, is actually significantly better than that of the A-Class. With a screen diagonal of 6 inches, it is not only larger than the 5.6-inch HD + display of the A6, but also sharper (2220x1080 pixels, i.e. Full HD +). And the Super AMOLED display in the A6 Plus is significantly better than in the A6 in almost all other test disciplines, and in some cases even scratches the level of the S-Class. The contrast of 9,979: 1 is almost three times as strong as with the A6, and the brightness is also really high at 789.4 candelas (Cd) per square meter (A6: 566.8 Cd). That's enough for summer days too! The A6 is only better in terms of color fidelity, but here Samsung prefers bright colors to a more realistic, but less impressive, display in case of doubt. The workmanship is also impeccable: The A6 Plus is in the slim metal case with narrow display bezels. The fingerprint sensor can be found on the back. The clearly visible antenna tracks and the large Duos lettering printed on the back (an indication of the dual SIM function) are visually disturbing on the back, at least in the case of the silver-violet variant.

Galaxy A6 Plus: impressions from the editorial team

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Galaxy A6 Plus with dual camera

The testers were also excited to see the results of the camera test. On paper, the Galaxy A6 Plus offers more than the A6: The front notch, for example, has a resolution of 24 megapixels (instead of 16 megapixels on the A6). But of all things, the selfie camera, which was pumped up with many pixels, turned out to be a crude disappointment in the test. Where there was still enthusiasm for the detailed images of the smaller Galaxy A6, the test shots of the A6 Plus were frustrating with strong noise and missing details. Not the first time that an extreme megapixel resolution of the front camera led to a dramatically poorer image quality - the OnePlus 3T used to be similarly disappointing compared to the OnePlus 3 and the Huawei P Smart 2. However, the main camera is usually more important for high image quality anyway: The (with the wide-angle lens common in cell phone cameras) has a resolution of 16 megapixels and was able to score points in the test in terms of image quality, with a grade of 2.9 in daylight, a clearly better image quality than its smaller sister model (grade 3.1). The A6 Plus is about the same as the Galaxy A5 (2017). Another plus point: the 16-megapixel main lens is supported by a 5-megapixel camera for telephoto shots and special effects, such as blurred backgrounds. In low light, pictures with flash were slightly better, but without flash they were just as catastrophically noisy as with the A6 (grade 4.5) - but slightly better than the A5 (2017).

Samsung Galaxy A5, A6, A6 Plus in comparison.

Galaxy A6 Plus: Fast Internet?

With the WLAN equipment, the Galaxy A6 Plus does not win a flower pot, probably also not a high-speed fiber optic connection: Samsung is also installing the old WLAN-n standard in the large Galaxy A6 Plus model. In the previous model A5, however, there was a modern WLAN-ac module. After all, the A6 models also operate in the less interference-prone 5 gigahertz frequency range. In the test, however, the WLAN connection in the n standard only succeeded with a gross maximum of 150 Mbps, which is clearly slower than with the A6. LTE mobile radio is built-in for on the go, which cut a really good figure in the reception test on both UMTS and LTE (better than the A6). The bottom line is that the Internet connection is fast enough for normal DSL connections, but current WLAN-ac technology offers, in addition to the disdainful speed, other advantages such as the smoother supply of several devices in parallel (multi-user MIMO).

Galaxy A6 Plus: battery, charging speed

While the A5 supports USB Type C, the larger model of the A6 series only has micro-USB. The included power supply only delivers standard speed. And even if you alternatively plug in a fast charging power supply - for example from the Galaxy S9 - nothing changes. Wireless (inductive) charging is also not possible, as is to be expected with a metal housing. However, a lack of inductive charging is not as big a problem as turning away from fast charging, as the Galaxy A5 has been dominating for a long time. After all: in the mix of uses in the test, a fully charged battery (3,500 milliampere hours) lasted for 13 hours and twelve minutes with typical use - a decent value. In addition to the micro USB socket, there is a normal jack socket for headsets and headphones.

Galaxy A6 Plus: is it waterproof?

Galaxy A3 and A5 from 2017 came with a waterproof case (IP68). Amazing: The next generation is not. All the more incomprehensible because Samsung continues to rely on a glass housing with a built-in battery that is not easy to open for the A6 series. If a waterproof construction had been omitted, Samsung could just as easily have found a case with a simple battery change, for example with a flexibly screwed back.

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Galaxy A6 +: More technical details

An eight-core Qualcomm 450 with 3 gigabytes of RAM is used as the processor. In the test, it was sufficiently fast, but not faster than the Exynos processor in the A6. The device memory is 32 gigabytes, of which 20 gigabytes can be freely allocated. It can be expanded by 256 gigabytes. One advantage of the new A-series: Samsung delivers the Galaxy A6 in Germany in free trade as a standard Duos version with dual SIM. Both A6 smartphones come from the factory with Android 8.0 Oreo and will probably receive an update to Android P in 2019, which the previous models can no longer hope for. The Galaxy A6 models allow unlocking via face recognition, although the procedure is not quite as secure as with the Galaxy S9 due to the lack of an iris scanner.

The better alternative comes from Samsung itself

The larger version of the Galaxy A6 also shows some surprising technical weaknesses compared to the Galaxy A5 (2017). Although the A6 Plus has a much sharper, brighter and larger display than the Galaxy A6 and better reception, it is worse in other areas such as the front camera. In addition, both A6 models show the same painful deterioration compared to the predecessor A5 (2017): no fast charging, no waterproof housing, no WiFi ac. It can already be said: In view of the targeted price of around 300 euros for the drilled out A6 version, the Galaxy A8 is the much better purchase. And as long as the Galaxy A5 (2017) can still be found in stores, you can also get better technology at a cheaper price (but with an older design).

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Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus: date, colors, prices

The Galaxy A6 Plus went on sale on May 28, 2018 for 369 euros (RRP). The colors: black, gold and blue-violet. It is available on the open market as a dual SIM version, which can be recognized by the Duos imprint on the back.

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