Is Derren Brown's The Push real

New Netflix series: “Derren Brown: The Push” turns real people into murderers

In this country, Derren Brown is hardly known to anyone. In the English-speaking world, however, it looks very different. There the mentalist and illusionist achieved remarkable fame through his show "Mind Control". Netflix is ​​now launching its latest show as a stream and its controversial concept could help it break through in the rest of the world. The trailer definitely promises pure excitement.

"Derren Brown: The Push" is the name of the new show on Netflix, but it was broadcast for the first time on British television on Channel 4 in January 2016. This is reported by In the show, a secretly filmed and unsuspecting young man is supposed to be made to commit a murder. A whole squad of actors was hired to bring the involuntary candidate into a situation in which murder seems the only way out for him. The trailer for the show shows how the questionable social experiment is carried out.

Watch the terrifying trailer for "Derren Brown: The Push"

All of the events that take place on a single evening in "Derren Brown: The Push" are aimed specifically at the ignorant candidate having to push a man off the roof of a house. The actor, who takes the position of the victim, wears a safety vest, which the uninitiated push knows nothing about. So no one is harmed, except perhaps the involuntary candidate himself.

A controversial nudge

This experiment was repeated multiple times for the show and most of the contestants actually pushed the victim off the roof while few didn't. The tension arises for the audience from finding out who does it and who doesn't. The result also shows how easily people can be manipulated and even made to act inhumanely. Due to the perfidious approach, however, the show earned numerous audience protests in Great Britain. "Derren Brown: The Push" should be from February 27, 2018 exclusive on Netflix to be provided to the stream.