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Audi TT 1.8 T (180 PS)


Experience report Audi TT 1.8 T (180 PS) by Anonymous, August 2020


An absolutely GREAT vehicle!

For me THE TT! The design doesn't need any words, except maybe one: Unique!

The TT is a lot of fun, especially on country roads and is still very well motorized for a sports car with the large 1.8t and 224hp.

Spare parts are available quickly and cheaply, the quality in the interior is very good!
For me a dream car for incidentally at (still) affordable prices.

If you are still thinking, you should dare to take the step. At most you will be disappointed if you give it back ......

Experience report Audi TT 1.8 T (180 PS) from karle83, December 2019


Good Morning,
A lot has already been written about the TT. I have and had vehicles of various brands and think that I can share my impressions fairly openly and objectively.
I limit myself to the attributes of a used car that can be bought cheaply, since repairs etc. become more relevant with increasing age. Long-term quality and ease of repair play a major role here.
About 1.5 years ago I bought a cheaper TT from 1999 with around 200,000 km on the clock, which shouldn't be an obstacle to buying a car of this premium brand.
After 200,000 km, the balance of the defects or the wearing parts to be replaced looks like this in my copy:
Clutch, toothed belt, rear brakes, catalytic converter, rear axle support rotten, splash panels rusted away, rear wheel bearings, support joints or wishbones at the front, ignition coils have misfires, the starter hangs, plus edge rust on the sills and front fenders. I bought the car like that and technically revived it a bit. My copy still had the engine with the larger connecting rod bearing diameter. In the course of time, Audi / VW recognized potential savings here and installed smaller diameters to reduce durability.
The car is constructed awkwardly in many places, there is limited space for screwing. A lot has to be dismantled or pushed aside first to get to the defective part. The screws themselves are of poor quality, which is reflected in the rusty threads and their appearance. Likewise the axle parts and suspensions. I'm not used to that from Japanese brands from that era. On the other hand, the sheet metal for Japanese is usually worse when it comes to rust. The spare parts, on the other hand, are sometimes very, very cheap. The VW relationship is also unmistakable here. What is really a shame is the fact that the front-wheel drive TT has a rigid axle at the rear, as is often found in inexpensive vehicles. Independent rear suspension would be better for a sports car. The fact that this is through within two decades is rather mediocre standard, because real premium long-term quality. It seems as if a lot of money has gone into the interior, the body and the design, but less in long-term quality and careful processing under the bonnet. All you have to do is remove the engine cover and take a close look at the whole mess of lines and cables. Unfortunately, it is and remains just a VW. This is also reflected in the used car prices. TTs are relatively cheap to get. The copy for 6,000 euros can be cheaper afterwards than the copy for 3,000 euros because fewer repairs are needed. The vehicle is still interesting for mechanics because many parts are cheap, the 1.8t is widespread and has a large fan base. The interior is still beautiful, the design is timeless and it drives quite passable. You should definitely consider these aspects when buying.

Experience report Audi TT 1.8 T (180 PS) from Anonymous, February 2018


After more than 30 different cars, including three from Mercedes, I have never had such a good vehicle. He was ten years old when I bought it and 14 years old when I sold it. I drove it over 50,000 km and never had any problems.
Visually and technically it was flawless right up to the end.
I've never seen such a successful design before. A masterpiece by Peter Schreyer and his team.
Perfect! I can well imagine that this model will one day become a high-quality classic.

Experience report Audi TT 1.8 T (180 PS) from tt1800, March 2017


The Audi TT 8N: Pretty much the best everyday car you can have!
A German premium sports car with 4 seats and a really large trunk. I have already read through a wide variety of experiences with the TT here, and with what people write, I think to myself: "Buy an E-Class if you expect gigantic trunk dimensions and a fully-fledged rear seat!" Because I've already put people over 1.90m behind in my TT, yes, it's really uncomfortable, but it works! Just like the trunk, the reference values ​​for this are Z3, Slk, MX-5 ... and not a MB Sprinter.
Now to the actual experience report: I have been driving my TT (Bj. 2003) for almost a year, the dare is, as already described, very suitable for everyday use. Certainly the TT has its antics (for me, for example, thermostat headlight range control and sunnier little shit), but these never let you go.
However, if you are afraid of exactly these little things, you should keep your hands off the 8N, because it is not a new car and will never become one.
For all these annoying little things, however, you also get an enormously high fun factor and a very cool design, which is perfect down to the smallest detail.

Experience report Audi TT 1.8 T (180 PS) from DLx7000, February 2017


Hello dear readers,

I bought this car, built in 1998, 2 years ago. So the car is pretty old at the age of 19. However, the reliability and features of the car are incredibly good!

In these 2 years the car has never left me standing anywhere. Rust cannot be found anywhere on the aluminum housing. Maintenance is explained simply and clearly in the service manual. This means that even hobby mechanics or laypeople can carry out maintenance. My car has the full black leather interior with heated seats so that it doesn't get cold in winter either.

It should be noted that this car can mostly only be used as a 2-seater, as sitting in the back is extremely uncomfortable and tight, unless you are less than 1.60 m and articulated. However, there is no problem with toddlers and babies. The trunk also offers plenty of space for suitcases and purchases.

Of course, due to its age, the car has outdated engine technologies that lead to high fuel consumption - for today's new cars (average 9-10 liters / 100 kilometers). So I can travel 400-550km with one tank of fuel.

Still a full recommendation from me. Especially with the great leather interior.

Experience report Audi TT 1.8 T (180 PS) from ap_amac, February 2017


I drove my TT for 3 years. I used the TT more as a fun vehicle because, apart from my slightly underpowered but economical model, I also needed something with emotion. The TT is really good fun and with its 180 turbo charged HP it gets off the ground really well. The car was 12 years old at the time of purchase and was near perfect condition. Visually and technically. Audi simply builds qualitatively at the highest level. At first I was spectral about my age. The test drive, however, changed this very quickly because despite the age (mileage 75 T km) everything felt like new. The driving behavior was also reminiscent of everything, just not a car over ten years old. Consumption is absolutely within limits with a moderate driving style. However, stepping on the track, he swallows something pretty well. My TT was equipped with automatic air conditioning and heated seats (leather '). Everything worked perfectly. The Bose SoundSystem sounded super good despite heavy use. I really miss the sound system because of the great sound. The trunk is surprisingly large and so the car has proven to be suitable for everyday use, also due to the driving behavior. Processing all around top. Great feel. Durability top.

Experience report Audi TT 1.8 T (180 PS) from Moritz_gc, February 2017


Overall, I am very satisfied with the vehicle. It offers sufficient performance with a consumption of 5 to 9 liters / 100 km. It is also relatively compact and parking is easy to find even in the city. There is also enough space. For a coupé with the rear bench seat folded down, there is enough space for luggage and bulky items such as skis are no problem. The paint still looks great even after 18 years and corrosion is not a problem either. The interior has a very high quality finish and is still very modern even after all these years. Just like the exterior design, which is very distinctive and doesn't look like it is 20 years old. In addition, despite the lack of a Quattro drive, very good driving behavior in winter.
The headlights, the plastic of which have meanwhile become cloudy and are not particularly bright, are negative. In addition, it is questionable why the trunk can only be opened with the key and not with a button on the trunk lid. The pressure in the interior that arises when you close the trunk lid is also negative.

Experience report Audi TT 1.8 T (180 PS) from Anonymous, February 2017


great car that promises what it delivers. i need very few repairs and the wear and tear is also very low. Basically it starts to rust very little (without a garage) and in winter it is very reliable because of the front wheel drive. i like to buy the latest based on the model. Evil tongues claim that the car is very feminine but that is surely just a bad rumor :) Unfortunately, this car is rarely seen on the street, although it is a superstructure of the golf series. if then I would only take it with xenon and heated seats, everything else is not recommended. unfortunately there is no steering wheel heater for him yet.

Experience report Audi TT 1.8 T (180 PS) by Gerald.Schulze, February 2017


I bought the Audi TT used and I am very happy with it. I particularly like the dashboard. I always got from A to B very well with the TT. The car copes very well with high speeds on motorway journeys and is otherwise great to drive. At most, small dogs or children will fit on the back seat, and the front seat is sporty but not uncomfortable. I still find the design visually appealing today. My TT is black and the paint is still nice even after many years. The seats are still in great condition and that shows the high quality.

Experience report Audi TT 1.8 T (180 PS) from inesb, December 2015


I drove the Audi TT for 1 year. The Audi sports coupe should be the right car in terms of technology and design.
The stylish interior with attention to detail is great.
However, only "smaller" adults or children can sit comfortably on the rear seats. So these are more like jump seats ...
Long distances by car are no problem for two. The consumption of 9-10 l is within an acceptable range. The 180 hp engine offers good propulsion.
The small trunk is noticeable negatively.
Processing quality is top!


Audi TT Coupé 1998 - 2006: 1.8 T (180 PS)

The 1.8 T (180 PS) engine for the TT Coupé 1998 from Audi seems to be in great demand, which is supported by the many good ratings: Overall, it receives a strong 4.1 out of 5 stars. Nevertheless, other engines for the coupe get even better ratings on average. All variants are equipped with either a 5 or 6-speed manual transmission. The fuel consumption is between 8.1 and 9.4 liters of petrol.

Environmentally conscious drivers should pay close attention to the engine variant, because these are between the emission classes EU3 and EU4. The emission classes also play an important role for the sticker that guarantees access to environmental zones. You can find the exact information in the registration certificate part 1 or in the vehicle registration document. When it comes to CO2 emissions, you have to reckon with values ​​between 194 and 226 grams per 100 kilometers.

Test and user reviews show it and the technical data are also excellent: With the 1.8 T (180 PS), Audi has succeeded in creating a very convincing overall package. Driving a car is fun!

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Audi TT 1.8 T (180 PS)

  • power
    132 kW / 180 PS
  • transmission
    Manual transmission / 5 gears
  • 0-100 km / h
    7.8 s
  • Former Original price from
    31.400 €
  • Consumption according to manufacturer information
    8.1 l / 100 km (combined)
  • Energy efficiency class

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