Is lobster halal

Lobster and crab, halal or haram through living cooking?

Marcelo Bulhões

As salaam 'aleykum wa rahmatullah !

In fact, is the only one Madhab, that says this makruh to eat would be the Hanafi Fiqh ... Meanwhile, the majority of scholars state that everything comes from the sea is halal , with the exception of eel and poisonous fish ... Apart from that, the general ban on eating meat that has not been slaughtered only applies to MEAT and not to seafood. This results from the general understanding that " Lame "Doesn't mean fish, squid, crab or lobster in the Arabic language. or shrimp or whatever ... Only for terrestrial animals."

May Allah Bless you all brothers (Baraka Allahu fikum) ... Shall we have a Seafood Spanish Paella?

Kind regards, your Brazilian brother "Marcelo Salahuddin"!

Amir morning

All of these answers relate to animals and not to fish and creatures that live in the sea. Different rules apply to marine animals.

  1. You cannot eat a fish floating on the water.

  2. Fish must be killed by some external cause. This includes very high temperatures, very low temperatures, and blunt force to kill the catch.

To answer your question, you can kill your catch by throwing it on ice to freeze or quick boil. As long as it is dead before consumption and has not died in its natural habitat.

Enjoy the barakah


Hosam Aly

Please cite a source or evidence.