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This is how you can express your own opinion to others. A distinction is made between pro and contra arguments. The purpose of the introduction is to get the reader's attention. At the end you consolidate your opinion again by formulating a conclusion.

You can also make a claim in this part that results from your argumentation. Now you can actually get started with your argument.

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Writing arguments: structure, structure & examples

Esselborn-Krumbiegel refers to the scale model to illustrate the structure of the scientific argumentation in the bachelor thesis or master thesis So look at the diagram see tip: The guide to Internet research. Sound scientific argumentation is made up of arguments that build on one another and that all follow a basic structure.

This structure can be symbolized by a scale. An important aspect of scientific argumentation is to show the contrary opinion and to acknowledge it. Finding and evaluating material in the case of a study while writing an argument is an important process and sufficient time should be invested here. Otherwise the work will stand on a shaky pedestal, and you certainly don't want that.

Regardless of whether the bachelor thesis or master thesis only covers the evaluation of scientific sources or the analysis of non-scientific sources, the use of text corpora, interviews, questionnaires, the design of your own experiment: It must always be clear how you proceed with your argumentation , because the method also affects the results cf.

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Persuasion techniques: with the 5-sentence technique to success

Interpretation d. Advantages d. Information about the plagiarism scanner. Definition of plagiarism. Editing prices. It is now time to take a look at the two scales when writing an argument. On the one hand, these are hypotheses. But what does it mean and how do I create it?

Basically, hypotheses are just one thing: Can a foreign language only be learned well at a young age and does increasing age have a negative effect on the learning process?

Tip: Create a bibliography in Word with instructions. Another important point in the argument is: How do I include scientific sources and, above all, how do I treat them?

Certainly some wonder whether it is not advisable to cite only those sources that coincide with your own results. It is essential to keep the following in mind: Or like L. It is not only important to write good arguments during your studies, but already in your German class.

You can choose between linear argumentation and dialectical argumentation. The writing of an argument in the term paper, bachelor thesis or master thesis can be visualized by a scale :. Print bachelor thesis. Print master thesis. Print homework. This center section is the foundation of your message, so it's very crucial. And 3. Don't forget: get to the point quickly.

Avoid tension that has no place here. The employees more or less live from vacation to vacation, seem to read articles. Because in contrast to Make your payroll unassailable! Free downloads to the shop. Free downloads. Share now on: Print Recommend. Sentence: Introduction 2. Find out the appropriate arguments: How can I make my point of view really clear?

Give an example to illustrate. Put in an appeal at the end. Then analyze the causes. Determine your goal. Write an appeal. What is an argument against it? From this, formulate your conclusion.

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Trusted working hours: comply with the obligations of the Working Hours Act. Employee appraisal: Avoid these appraisal errors. Expert tips by email. Formula for success: Employee motivation. Categories: Writing. Method 1. Captivate your readership right from the start. The very first sentence must already grab the reader's attention. Start with an anecdote, quote, or general statement about your topic.

But don't confuse the reader. Formulate your thesis. If you only have a little time, it is easier if you actively write your essay. Method 2. The first paragraph of the main part of the second of your essay should contain your main argument. Concrete examples. There should be around two to three specific examples in each paragraph. What does this prove? This rounds off this paragraph, but not the entire essay. In the third paragraph of the main part, you pick up speed again.

The main part of your essay is ready. That brings us to…. Method 3. Repeat your thesis and summarize your three arguments.

Method 4 - five sentence exercise

He can remember that best. Control your work. Then go back to your essay, paying special attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Finally, format your essay according to the specifications of your teacher or lecturer. You don't want to leave points lying around because of such formal errors!

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Related Articles.The rhetorical rule has been known since ancient times. Find arguments 2. Structure the speech 3. Shape the speech linguistically 4. Learn the speech by heart 5. Deliver the speech. The structure of the speech should be based on the typical structure of texts. This consists of an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. Introduction 2nd argument 3rd argument 4th argument 5. This does not get out of hand. Cell phones hinder learning success. Problem 2. Pro 3. Cons 4.

Conclusion 5. In practice, the application of the technique can be as follows. Suppose the problem is: Cons: The bachelor's degree is an internationally recognized degree, which is why it fits into globalized society 4. Topic 2. Advantage 5. It begins as so often with the ancient Greeks. The rhetoric old Gr.

For example, a speech could be perfect even if it conveyed the wrong content. Classic parts of a speech. The introduction and presentation of the problem are followed by the three best arguments and at the end a conclusion :. Argument: many pets are abused as toys instead of learning how to care for them properly. Therefore, it makes sense to counter this with two counter-arguments :.

Counter-argument: it is often not used for making phone calls at all, but only as a toy and for showing off. Exclude view. Opposite opinion: Electricity production actually causes considerably more emissions, but in the power plant. Compare opinions. We'll show you how to be well received by the audience: with good preparation, the right technology - and without stage fright.

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To help you write your arguments, you will also find complete lists of popular topics in German here. What is the structure of arguments and arguments? The structure of every argument and every argument is the same: Thesis 1 argument 1,2,3,…. Thesis 2 argument 1,2,3,…. Thesis 1: I claim that….

Fact arguments The fact arguments refer to facts. It is important that they are real experts.

Value arguments The value arguments relate to social values ​​and norms or also to recognized moral ones: Example: It is wrong to bully someone or basic democratic values ​​such as freedom of expression. Example: As an adult, a child will probably also show behavior that his parents have exemplified throughout his life. Set argument A set argument is a manipulated and irrelevant argument. Recipe rating.

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