How can we be one country

Biontech shows how we could be as a country

The Biontech founders receive the Federal Cross of Merit for their development of the corona vaccine. This success story shows us what Germany could be like, says Johannes Vogel.

The two Biontech founders Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin received the Grand Cross of Merit with a Star, awarded by the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. "Seldom has an award ceremony been found so appropriate," says FDP labor market politician Johannes Vogel with conviction. "Because the vaccine of this German medical couple not only shows us the way out of the corona pandemic, it has so far also proven to be effective against mutations and, thanks to its new mRNA technology, bears the promise of being adaptable to future variants of the virus in record time", Vogel clarifies the enormous scientific and medical importance of the Biontech vaccine in his guest article for the "Rheinische Post". However, the example of the exceptional researcher and entrepreneur couple shines far beyond that. It shows how we could be as a country.

The liberal refers to the racist and ethnic currents in our society: if it had been up to them, Vogel is convinced that the founders of the Biontech company would never have existed in Germany as the children of Turkish immigrants. "Thank God it turned out differently." The success story of Biontech should also be an incentive for us to "finally take up the global competition for talent through a really modern immigration law in order to win over the next parents of German heroines and heroes to become part of our diverse republic as specialists", explains the Labor market policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group.

Of course, we should also make sure that we don't give away any more talent here in Germany. According to Vogel, this finally requires an education system that gives everyone the best possible life chances - regardless of their parents' home, place of residence or origin. "Companies that are run by Germans with foreign roots are already making an above-average contribution to innovations," said the labor market expert.

Entrepreneurs are indispensable for our society. As "born innovation drivers", they "take responsibility for an idea that leaves them indifferent and turn it into a tangible reality", as in the case of Biontech, explains Vogel. Because of their value for our society, too, we entrepreneurs should remove bureaucratic and financial obstacles after the crisis and not crush them with them. Furthermore, the Liberal suggests that entrepreneurship should already be taught in school, that entrepreneurial success should not be treated with malice when it comes to appreciation and setbacks, and that hopeful new technologies or companies continue to generously provide start-up and research funding in the future.

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The success story of Biontech is also evidence against the critics of capitalism and globalization. Because if they had their way, "there shouldn't have been any cooperation with the US pharmaceutical multinational Pfizer. The global division of labor has also contributed to the speed of vaccine development, because the research teams in Germany and the USA continued to work when the colleagues slept, "says Vogel, explaining the advantages. We should remember that the next time populist fake news calls for a demonstration against free trade agreements and globalization, warns the Free Democrat.

Progress and innovation not only point the way out of the Corona crisis, "they are a lifeline in all human crises," Vogel is convinced. He goes even further: "Who we are today, where we are today, we owe that to all those people who have decided to live in Germany or as entrepreneurs over the past centuries." For the liberal it is precisely these points: a country of immigration, an open society, market economy and entrepreneurship that make us and Germany strong.