Why is APL so special

The Hercynenhaus

The Hercynenhaus is the contact point for all Hercynen and their friends. Our house is also the opportunity to represent. We show new people how Hercynen live and how Hercynen lived. The testimonies in our house give great impressions of student life back then. This is precisely why our house is a special gem for each and every one of us. Located in the prestigious residential area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNordend, the house offers its members, in addition to its living options and the historical reference, a constant in everyday life. And not only the Hercynians appreciate their house, it also offers the other corporations, both from Frankfurt and outside, a place to go for a cozy beer and to exchange ideas about daily life and studies.

In addition to the advantages of a cellar bar, sports room, common room, washing machine and the like, our house also offers our members the opportunity to live cheaply. The 7 rooms in our house are equipped with internet, telephone, wardrobe, desk, bed and shelf. So everything you need to study. We spend a large part of our studies here. In addition to the material amenities of the house, you can always find like-minded people with whom you can celebrate and who support you in your studies. In short: you are never alone - in a positive sense.

Whether fraternity, corporates from all over Germany, whether friends, relatives or guests; The Hercynen house at Falkensteiner Str. 60 is the contact point, meeting point and center for the daily life of the Hercynen. Here people meet to learn together, to exchange experiences, to celebrate and to live. But the big advantage that the house offers: it is a contact point, not only for the active, but also for our old men, i.e. for our members who have completed their studies and are in the middle of life. Here you meet Hercynen, who went through the same thing as the young active 30, 40 and more years ago and here you can get valuable experience and tips that cannot be weighed in gold. And so you sit at a table with fellow students who are in the same situation as you and with federal brothers who have already come through all of this and are on hand with advice and action. In addition to the academic achievements that are important to us, such as the exams and of course the academic degree, the course also includes social skills, contact and dealing with people. In this way, federal life becomes a center and an important factor in everyday life through the house.