Crowdfunding is an emerging social media trend

Social Media Handbook

“... is therefore suitable as a comprehensive overview of the subject area and at the same time addresses the specific interests of specialists from various research and practical areas. The individual contributions combine optimistic and critical views on social media ... Visual representations in the form of figures and tables highlight the central aspects of the contributions and thus support the transfer of knowledge ... ”(Saskia Eilers, in: merz Zeitschrift für Medienpädagogik, vol. 62, Issue 2, April 2018)

“... an extensive as well as profound compilation of the scientific findings on a subject that has been developing rapidly up to now, but is now slowly consolidating. ... this handbook already provides a very good introduction and implementation for further academic work with social media ... ”(Christian Strippel, in: Publizistik, vol. 62, 2017)

"... The handbook brings together contributions at a high level and is a standard work for teachers and students of communication and media studies." (Prof. Dr. Susanne Eichner, in: tv diskurs, vol. 83, issue 1, 2018)

“... The work is particularly suitable for media education specialists in research, because thanks to the breadth of content it can be used very well as basic literature for further research work ...” (merz - medien + erziehungs, vol. 61, issue 2, April 2017 )