What's so bad about Facebook

That's how bad the working conditions of Facebook moderators are

The web also has very dark sides - you can see that in some of the content that people upload. So that such forbidden pictures or videos do not get into the social networks, the often blatant content such as excessive violence or child abuse must be checked and deleted. This already stressful work is made even worse by the unworthy conditions that employees of a Facebook service provider have now complained about. Spiegel Online reports on this and refers to The Verge.

Heart attack at work

Journalist Casey Newton spoke to former and current employees from a so-called fire extinguishing center in Tampa, Florida. The employees there are employed by the Facebook service provider Cognizant. A total of around 15,000 moderators for Facebook are to check prohibited content at 20 locations worldwide. The employees in Tampa have already been lured into the job with false promises, it is said. In addition, Facebook gives strict quotas on the correctness of the deletions - additional pressure on an already extremely stressful job. Some employees would only hold out with drugs, and they could lose their jobs if they fell ill. There is even sexual harassment and threats of violence. The first fatality occurred in March of this year: A 42-year-old extinguishing moderator had a heart attack at his desk and later died.

Even so, there are reasons people start the job: the hourly wage is at least $ 15 an hour, and the Florida minimum wage is just $ 8.46. In Germany, too, there was criticism of such a Facebook deletion center in Berlin in 2016: time pressure, overload, opaque regulations and a lack of psychological support were the allegations.

This is how Facebook wants to react to the allegations

Facebook wants to react to the criticism and improve the conditions in the extinguishing centers. The contract workers in the US are expected to receive at least three dollars more per hour from mid-2020. In addition, Facebook no longer wants to evaluate the work of the service providers purely according to the fulfillment rates, but also to include whether and how the company takes care of the moderators' psychological stress. In addition, the social network wants to control the conditions at its service providers more - and unannounced. Because when the journalist Newton visited an extinguishing center on site, he was led to believe that the picture was completely embellished - including a yoga room and Buddha figure. "It's all show," revealed an employee afterwards.