What do you mean by business opportunity


Your way to financial freedom


The right opportunity for you

All too often, life is a compromise between work and leisure: we have to earn the money we need for a living, but we also want enough flexibility and have time to enjoy our lives to the fullest. However, there is an alternative where you are your own boss. You determine your own working hours, have enough time for family and friends and can do it Additional income achieve what you need.

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With products that you will love

You can be exclusive to your customers AMWAY ™ product lines and other premium brands. The applies to all products 100% Amway Satisfaction Guarantee.
They are products that you can be proud of and that you can recommend with a clear conscience. The name Amway stands for 50 years of experience and hundreds of patents. With Amway get access to one of the most extensive in the Direct sales sold Product ranges of the world.

Support your business with the internet too

At Amway, we are constantly developing our products and services - more and more often via the Internet. Many of ours Subsidiaries and offices in Europesupport you through the official Amway websites and provide you with an easy and convenient way to conduct your business online and purchase products that way.

You can your Amway business operate full-time as the main source of income or as a Sideline for a Additional income. Whichever you choose, Amway can provide you with the tailored training and personal support you need.

The decision is entirely yours.


The Amway sales and marketing plan

The Amway Sales and Marketing Plan is based on a balance between selling products and services directly to customers and attracting new business partners to build your own business.

Everyone is familiar with how retail stores make sales: they buy at purchase price and sell at a higher price, the selling price. The difference between the prices, called the trading margin, is one of the possibilities with Amway income to achieve. But at Amway, the financial recognition doesn't stop there.


There are two ways that Amway business partners can generate income:


1. The trading range

The difference between the price that the Amway business partner for the Amway products pay and the selling price is the trading margin. In relation to Amway's recommended retail price, this is usually 30%. Of course, like any salesperson, you can set your own selling prices.

2. Sales bonus and performance commission

Paid by Amway based on total product sales. The Amway sales bonus is calculated from all sales that you have made yourself. The Amway performance commission is calculated from the sales that you and the Amway business partners in your group have generated. The payment of the performance commission to you does not affect the payment of the sales bonuses and performance commissions to these business partners.


A balanced business

Financial recognition is just one of the benefits the company has Amway business opportunity offers. When a Amway business partner becomes more successful, there are recognitions such as motivational business events and seminars in beautiful and interesting locations around the world.

The Amway Sales and Marketing Plan does not reward anyone just for recruiting other distributors - a successful Amway business is based on selling products and attracting new distributors who in turn sell products.

How the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan works

The Amway sales and marketing plan provides a system of recognitions based on the sales you make in your business.

Amway calculates the amount of your Amway sales bonus / performance commission payments using the sales bonus and performance commission table. Put simply, the higher the volume, the higher the sales bonus and the percentage of performance commission you can earn.

Point value (PW)

This value, which is assigned to a product, determines your qualification level (see sales bonus and performance commission table).

Business volume (GV)

This value, which is assigned to a product, forms the basis for calculating your sales bonus.

The PW / GV ratio specifies the business volume you need to achieve 1 PW. This ratio varies by branch and can change as product prices change.


Sales bonus and performance commission table

For details on how bonuses and commissions are calculated, please refer to the Affiliate Manual that comes with the Amway Affiliate Kit.


How do I become an Amway distributor

It is very easy to start the Amway business.

Here you will find the direct route to the business partner application • simply and quickly: 


Or call us on 089 84 32 52

Contact by email: [email protected]


Support every step of the way

Supporting our self-employed is one of our main priorities Amway sales partner in building yours Amway business. Not just you Amway sponsor supports you in setting up. Amway also offers training and information materials to accompany you in all phases of your business development - from the business partner set that you received with the inclusion of your Amway doing business received through to intensive training in various product lines.

You are independent - but never alone!


The Amway advantages

A company you can trust

In direct sales, more than 110 billion US dollars are generated annually. Amway is not only one of the world's leading direct selling organizations, but is also a significant and active member of regional and national industry associations for direct selling companies around the world.

In fiscal 2007, Amway had sales of approximately $ 7.1 billion with more than three million independent business partners in over 80 countries and territories worldwide. Amway is represented in 26 countries in Europe.

The first product from Amway was the multi-purpose cleaner L.O.C. ™, a biodegradable cleaner concentrate and a trailblazer for other Amway products with a highly concentrated formula.
The mark NUTRILITE ™ was among the first multivitamin / multi-mineral products on the market.

A company that takes its responsibility seriously!

Amway and his One by one Campaign for children. Everyone supports the global campaign 26 Amway offices in Europe since 2001 UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund. Amway's goal is to help children around the world.


The benefits of the Amway business opportunity

  • Proven business model
  • You determine the development of your business
  • Flexibility - either an additional income or a way to become self-employed
  • High quality products
  • Amway customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Low cost, low initial risk
  • No storage
  • No minimum purchase

The Amway Terms and Conditions and Policies

The Amway Terms and Conditions and Policies
are contractual conditions set by Amway, which all independent Amway sales partners undertake to adhere to by signing the Amway business partner application.

The aim of the Amway terms and conditions and guidelines is to define the rights and obligations of both contracting parties.

Amway participates in the global umbrella association of direct sales companies (WFDSA) actively involved in the introduction and promotion of globally applicable Rules of conduct for direct sales. These include strict guidelines for ethical business conduct to protect consumers and business partners. The Amway terms and conditions take these guidelines into account; they are even more comprehensive than the recommendations of the industry association.

Did you know...

  • Amway holds more than 700 patents worldwide.
  • We employ more than 500 scientists and specialists in 57 laboratories worldwide.
  • More than 90% of the brand's products AMWAY are developed by scientists and specialists who only work for Alticor.
  • Nutrilite - One of the world's leading brands in vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements (based on 2005 sales according to surveys carried out by Euromonitor International)
  • Nutrilite employs 125 scientists in product advancement and new product development.
  • The number of self-employed Amway sales partner is over three million worldwide.
  • Amway operates in over 80 countries and territories worldwide.
  • The Alticor group of companies employs more than 13,200 people worldwide.
  • Alticor employees spent a total of 4,401 hours volunteering for a wide variety of projects in the 2004 financial year. This corresponds to the time required by two people who do a full-time voluntary activity for a whole year.
  • The production facilities in Ada, Michigan (USA), form a city of their own with more than 325,000 m² of covered space.
  • In 2009 the Alticor group of companies had sales of 8.4 billion US dollars.