Is posessiveness there in friendship

A. Genitive forms.Fill in the blanks with the genitive or possessive forms of the nouns indicated.

1.Is this your sister's house?
 No, this is our grandparents' house.

2.This is my brother's new girlfriend.
 So! This is Klaus' girlfriend!

3.Is that Karin's son?
 No, this is my doctor's son.

B. Express it differently.Combine the information in the two sentences in just one sentence. You will need to use genitive forms to say whose items they are. To make sure you're clear on what you're doing, write an English translation for each result as well.

1.There are the shoes. The shoes belong to my mother.
 There are my mother's shoes.(= There are my mother’s shoes.)

2.The cat ran away. The cat belongs to my parents.
 My parents' cat ran away.

3.I go to the house. The house belongs to my friend.
 I'm going to my friend's house.

4.I can't find the book. The book belongs to my brother.
 I can't find my brother's book.

5.The father lives in Ireland. My friend is his son.
 My friend's father lives in Ireland.

C. And now translate.Now translate the English sentences into German. Remember that you’ll have to use the genitive forms of the people involved! (These sentences should be structured just like the results of section B.)

1.My sister’s husband is very nice.
 My sister's husband is very nice.

2.I went to my friend’s party.
 I went to my boyfriend's (my girlfriend's) party.

3.I don’t know your friends’ names.
 I don't know the names of your friends.

4.Is this your roommate’s computer?
 Is this your roommate's computer?

5.I've forgotten the teacher's address.
 I forgot the teacher's address.

D. Genitive prepositions.Complete the dialog with prepositions from the list (not all are used).

instead of • outside • in • despite
under • before • during • due

Katja:When were you in Zurich?
Klaus:During the holidays.
Katja:Did you go by car?
Klaus:No. Because of the weather, we had to take the train.
Katja:Did you stay at the hotel?
Klaus:No, with friends. You live out of town. You called us a week ago and invited us again. We'll probably go there again in May.

E. Genitive prepositions.Complete the sentences using genitive prepositions: instead of, in spite of, while, or because of; don't forget to add the nouns as well!

1.(because of the weather) We have to stay home because of the weather.
2.(instead of his son) Instead of his son, the father took the daughter with him.
3.(in spite of the danger) Despite the danger, he immediately jumped into the water.
4.(because of her child) The mother is worried about her child.
5.(during the night) Rudi called twice during the night.

F. More prepositions.Fill in the blanks using the clues in parentheses. Note that there are dative and accusative prepositions here as well as genitive ones - you’ll need to decide which case to use!

1.(instead of / a letter) Instead of a letter, he sent a postcard.
2.(since / my childhood) My teacher has known me since I was a child.
3.(because of / the course) You have to work very hard because of the course.
4.(without / his report) How can you know that without his report?
5.(up to / the train station) We accompany the parents to (= to) the train station.
6.(during / the concert) The child was not silent for a minute during the concert.
7.(in / this street) Don't you live on this street
8.(despite / the weather) Please pick me up despite the weather!
9.(for you ) Unfortunately I have nothing left for you.

G. Movie title.What are these movies called in German? Use the genitive case to form the titles. (You could also use the ‘from + dative case’ construction if you like.)

1.The Diary of Anne FrankAnne Frank's diary
or: Anne Frank's diary
2.Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves
3.A Bug’s Life (the life of a bug ’)The life of a beetle
4.The Name of the RoseThe name of the Rose
5.The Silence of the LambsThe silence of the lambs
6.The General’s DaughterThe general's daughter
7.Star Wars (‘the war of the stars’)Star Wars
8.Toy Story ("the story of the toys")The history of toys

diary = the diarythieves = thieves, = lifebug = the beetlesilence = the silence
lambs = lambs, pl.general = the generalwas = the warstars = stars, = toys, pl.