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  • What is actually the largest number in the world? And what is it used for?
Chief guru
There is not any. If it existed, you could add 1 and have an even larger one, so the first is no longer the largest.
That should be 1. Nothing is greater than the largest number, but 1 is greater than nothing.
The definition of Oberguru is more conclusive.
Their definition simply shows that 1> 0 is.
Chief guru
No, Skorti does not play anything with the pleonasm of the word.
I sat there for about half an hour and thought about it.
I am also aware of what you mean by top guru.
But in the end I realized ... I'm too '' simple '' for that ... too down-to-earth.
I saw only one core in the statement.
Word game or not.

10 points for Oberguru.
The original question is, by the way, if a mathematician had the choice between eternal happiness and a cheese roll, what would he choose.
Chief guru
I only know that with the ham roll.
Apple thief
The largest number in the world in this sense does not exist. Numbers can always be expanded at will and therefore develop differently. It is said that the largest number in the world can simply be described as infinite and freely selectable. There are unlimited value ranges for such a number.