Who would win trine or doomsday

Injustice: Gods among us

Injustice: Gods among us

The cover of Injustice: Gods among us


NetherRealm Studios

High Voltage Software (PS4, PC)

Armature Studio (PSVita)


Warner Bros. Interactive

Came out

Original version:

April 16, 2013 (NA)

April 17, 2013 (AU)

April 19, 2013 (EU)

Ultimate Edition:

November 12, 2013 (NA)

11/29/2013 (EU)






Beat'em up

Number of players



Game Critics Award (Best Fighting Game)


XBox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, iOS, Android, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, XBox One

Injustice: Gods among us is a video game by NetherRealm Studios and was first released on April 16, 2011. The game was sold approximately 424,000 times in April 2013. The game is about freeing another universe from the tyranny of Superman.


At the beginning you can see a destroyed metropolis. Meanwhile, the Joker is questioned by Batman in a high-security wing. He asks where Joker got the atomic bomb from, but he doesn't answer. When Batman gets angry and grabs his collar, someone blows up the wall of the room. Now an angry Superman floats into it. Batman says he's doing it, but Superman says he should stay out of it. Now he takes the joker and presses it against the wall. He blames him for Lois and his son passing away. The Joker, however, only makes fun of Superman. Batman tries to keep Superman from slaying Joker, Superman softens and hits him wrong. The Joker now thinks that Superman is much more gullible than Batman. Superman furiously throws him against the other wall. The Joker thinks he would break out again anyway and top this here. Superman now takes Joker by the neck and holds him up. Batman tries to stop Superman, but Superman throws him away. The Joker is still making fun of himself and Superman kills him while one last laugh escapes him.

Chapter 1: Batman

In another universe, a battle is raging between the heroes and villains. Superman fights against Ares and destroys his sword, Green Lantern is currently fighting with a machine gun against Sinestro, where he can escape briefly with a trap, Shazam fights against Black Adam and throws him away to Hawkgirl, who hits Adam back again. Now Superman throws Ares to the ground, where he is tied up by Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Superman now says he has to go to the watchtower before Luthor puts obstacles in their way. Suddenly, Doomsday appears behind Superman. Superman immediately flies towards him but is knocked away. Wonder Woman thinks it should actually be a joint attack and Aquaman says Superman just forgets every now and then that he can't do everything alone. Cyborg is fighting Lex Luthor in the watchtower and is hit hard. In the background Nightwing is fighting against Bane, who is punching him in the face. Now Luthor is firing missiles. Cyborg evades and Raven stops the missiles before they hit Nightwing. Now Cyborg is grabbed by Solomon Grundy, whereupon Raven throws the intercepted missiles at Grundy. Luthor says Raven is disturbing tonight's entertainment. Raven says she detests violence, but Luthor likes it even less. Suddenly, Nightwing is hit with her whip by Catwoman and pulled away. Luthor shoots Raven, but Raven teleports away. Grundy is throwing cyborg across the room. Now Cyborg lands next to Nightwing and they fight together. Nightwing is now calling Batman. He has to go to the Arkham Asylum for the time being, as he has to make sure that Luthor has not freed the Joker. The guard says they never let Joker out of their sight. When the guard tries to open the door, Batman stops them because it is equipped with a booby trap. He defuses them and they open the room. This is empty, but Batman suspects that the real trap is behind them and he immediately blocks the projectiles that are coming at them. Behind them is Deathstroke, who says Batman is smart and attacks him. Batman blocks and snatches his sword and throws it away. Now Batman is dealing properly. He asks if Deathstroke is now Luther's lap dog, he says he'll pay good money, and besides, he's allowed to kill Batman. Now a fight breaks out that Batman can win. He says that's about it with his bonus. Now he reports to the watchtower, but Nightwing doesn't answer. Meanwhile, Hawkgirl is fighting Doomsday. Just before he snatches her club from her, Green Lantern creates a collar around his neck and hurls him at Wonder Woman. This knocks him to the ground with her sword. Shazam conjures lightning bolt that hits Balck Adam. He then transforms back into his normal self and falls to the ground together with Doomsday. Green Arrow uses an arrow to create an air cushion that Adam catches while Doomsday crashes into the ground. Flash appears and asks what that was. Green Arrow says that was the rumble of the gods. Flash asks what it means and suddenly Doomsday rises again. As Green Arrow is about to attack, Superman flies over and takes Doomsday with him. Green Arrow says it means they have to clean up the mess. In the watchtower, Caborg is currently beating Grundy, Raven attacks Catwoman, who however elegantly evades and Nightwing is currently fighting Bane, who however counters and hits him against the ground. Luthor says they wouldn't be a problem. Now Batman shows up and says it took almost 2 minutes for the encryption. Luthor now calls Bane. He proudly comes over and says he's going to kill Batman. But Batman wins the next fight again. Meanwhile, Catwoman and Grundy are also defeated. Batman says Luthor is all alone now, he only says that this is often the case with geniuses, but Batman says he is a psychopath. Luthor says heroes are all the same and boring. Batman says Luthor is running out of patience and pelting him with batarangs. Then another fight breaks out. Batman wins this again. Batman now deactivates Luther's suit and reports to Superman. He says it just has to be cleaned up and he takes Doomsday with him into the depths of space. Meanwhile, Cyborg escorts the villains from the watchtower through a portal. Suddenly an alarm sounds. Catwoman asks what it is and is pushed through the portal. Caborg now creates a hologram, this shows that an atom bomb was set up in Metropolis by the Joker. Luthor is pleased that the Justice League appears to be failing. He confesses that he gave him the bomb. He wanted to comfort the people since most of the members of the league are dead and the city is destroyed. Nightwing then knocks him out. Batman activates red alert and sends all members to the bomb locations. Meanwhile, the Joker activates them and Harley is already happy. But she notices the appearance of Batman. Joker sends her back to the van, but she doesn't want to. The Joker hits her and forces her back to the van. Batman storms towards Joker, but then stops abruptly when he notices the bomb. Joker says he should be concerned about the switch in his hand. The league is on its way right now. Wonder Woman says Batman should hold off Joker even longer and Green Lantern sends Flash ahead. Joker says he wanted to enjoy the fire from a safe distance, but since Batman is here he wants to light it. Batman is now pouncing on the Joker, as is the rest of the league. Suddenly a flash of light shines and all but Flash are gone. Joker and Batman suddenly come out in another metropolis. Batman looks around while Joker wonders what happened. He blames Batman. He realizes that it is Metropolis, but it looks different. Joker attacks Batman, but Batman counters. Another fight breaks out and Batman wins again. He tells Joker to stay down. He doesn't hear and attacks again, but Batman counters again and pushes him against the ground. A special unit appears. These switch between Joker and Batman. They ask Batman to put his hands up or he's dead. Joker thinks that's funny. When Batman now raises his arms, he activates a high frequency tone and all guards go down. Batman throws smoke bombs on the floor and escapes while the Joker just runs away. During the night, Batman overheard a conversation between the guards. These are currently arresting insurgents. They are disappointed that they couldn't catch Batman and hope that the big boss won't find out about it. Batman says this is a nightmare.

Chapter 2: Green Lantern

Meanwhile, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman and Wonder Woman find themselves in another Gotham. Green Arrow says it could be a time shift or an alternate earth. Wonder Woman says you might have really jumped into another dimension or past events have been changed and you are in a new present. Aquaman says they have to go back to Metropolis because the atomic bomb may have gone off. Green Arrow suggests they check the watchtower, but Wonder Woman can't get a connection, so he may not be there anymore. Green Lantern will bring you there when his ring is recharged, while Aquaman suggests looking in the archives of Atlantis to see what may have changed in the past. Green Arrow says there could be no more Atlantis either. Green Lantern now makes his way to Ferris Aircraft to get his rechargeable battery, while the rest of the team stays in Gotham. At Ferris Aircraft, Green Lantern is now looking for the battery. Suddenly he hears an excruciating wail. Through a door he hears Cyborg and Raven torturing Deathstroke. They want to get Deathstroke to work for their big boss. But Deathstroke doesn't want to be a puppet. Cyborg now mentions that most of the Titans died in Metropolis 5 years ago, but Deathstroke says he had nothing to do with it. But Cyborg doesn't care and he thinks Deathstroke is on the wrong side of the law. Deathstroke spits on cyborg and Raven tortures him harder. Green Lantern creates a force field around Deathstroke and represents Raven and Cyborg. They are amazed that Green Lantern is green. They realize that it is not the Green Lantern from their universe and tie him up. You want to bring him to the high council. Fortunately, Green Lantern manages to break free, throwing cyborg away. Raven now wants to put Green Lantern under arrest. But Green Lantern wins the next fight. He asks Cyborg who this High Council is, but Cyborg only attacks him. Green Lantern wins again and frees Deathstroke. This breaks away from him. Green Lantern thinks he's not one of them. Deathstroke now asks him if he is strong enough to reject their amnesty. Green Lantern asks who they work for, Deathstroke only says who is strong enough to lead such metas. Suddenly Wonder Woman reports to Green Lantern. She reports that Sinsetro is attacking citizens. Green Lantern, says he's coming soon. He now wants to charge his ring and then go on a trip with Deathstroke, but this one has already disappeared. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman fends off Sinestro's attacks, but is then held by him. When Green Arrow attacked, he was knocked out. Sinestro says he'd enjoy seeing Green Arrow die again. But before he kills him, Green Lantern fends off his attack. Sinestro says it's getting better and better. He attacks Green Lantern, but the latter counters again and again. Sinestro says that the "one earth" government resembles that of his home planet and that he finds an alliance only logical. He's even accepting people so far, even Hal Jordan. Green Lantern now realizes that his doppelganger is on Sinestro's side, like everyone who wants to live. Green Lantern also decides the fight that follows. When he tries to help Wonder Woman up, she notices that Yellow Lantern, Green Lantern's doppelganger, has appeared. Green Lantern introduces him. Yellow Lantern says Sinestro is right and fear is more effective than willpower. Green Lantern calls him cowardly, but says that he is still under orders, as are the guards. The rays of the lanterns meet and Wonder Woman is hit by the yellow ray. Green Lantern now fends off Yellow Lantern's attacks and a fight breaks out. Green Lantern wins again. Wonder Woman thinks that was disturbing and Green Arrow thinks the yellow catches the eye. They disappear because they hear sirens. In an alley, Green Arrow wonders if there aren't any good guys here, then they meet the Batman of this universe. In the other universe, Flash, Superman and Cyborg are investigating the energy signature of the flash of light that made the League members disappear. But the energy signature doesn't match any. Flash suggests following the signature's frequency and following it. But they do not know whether it is going to a dangerous place or where at all. So they just keep looking.

Chapter 3: Aquaman

In the other universe, Aquaman has just arrived at the Atlantis Archives. He asks for information from the government of the overworld, history and the current structure. The informant thinks it is for the contract negotiations. The information is limited as Superman never wanted to divulge anything. The informant relates that 5 years ago the Joker led Superman to Lois Lane destroying his unborn son and Metroplois. This killed the Joker out of grief. After that, he knew no mercy and, along with other metas, put the villains in their place. The upper world made him their ruler. He created the "One Earth" government and democracy disappeared. A guard appears and announces that the ambassadors of the high council are waiting in the throne room. The Flash of this world and Black Shazam are now waiting there. You are honored to be the first humans from the upper world to enter Atlantis. Flash hands him the contract and says that Superman is very happy that Aquaman has agreed to his ideas. Aquaman reads the contract and notices that Superman demands total submission. Flash says that Aquaman agreed to this and they are expecting it. They threaten and attack Aquaman, but he jumps away and Black Shazam shoots Flash. Aquaman throws the trident at Shazam and Shazam fends off him, then Aquaman knocks him to the ground. Flash beats Aquaman now, but he counters. Now he wants them to tell Superman that he will never get Atlantis and that a fight breaks out. After Flash is defeated, Shazam attacks Aquaman and Aquaman demands to speak to Superman, but Shazam says he has to do what Superman asked, and he has to do what he promised. After Shazam is defeated, the Aquaman of this universe appears with his guards. The Aquaman of this universe thinks Aquaman is working for one of the villains. He interjects, however, that he doesn't work for anyone other than the Aquaman of this universe. During a discussion, the evil Aquaman gets tired of talking and he sets his guards on the good Aquaman. However, this repels all attacks and kills the guards. In the end only the two aquamas are left and a fight breaks out again. After the good Aquaman has won, guards appear again who want to kill him. While he is still fending off the first guard, they suddenly freeze. Ares appears. He says they always shoot first, but he heats it up. He thinks he needs the fight. He almost starved to death until he felt aggression again and found its source. Aquaman accuses him of bringing her here. But he denies this. He knows who it was, though. Aquaman orders Ares to say who it was, but Ares does not take any orders. A fight ensues. After Aquaman wins again, Ares says that Superman's government has almost resolved all conflicts, leaving him powerless. Ares now reveals that the insurgents brought her here. He says that there is only one hero among them, because every hero who otherwise turned against Superman has been wiped out, leaving only those who have joined him, besides a few former villains whose loyalty was bought or forced. Aquaman can now be brought by Ares to his friends who are with the rebels. Once arrived, Green Arrow introduces the Batman of the other universe. Now Green Arrow is taking a Kryptonian pill that improves strength and defense. These also take Superman's lackeys. Batman now explains that the heroes who follow Superman are not evil, but are afraid or think he is right. Lex Luthor suddenly enters the room. Green Arrow asks astonished why he is still alive at all. Luthor explains that he has not yet broken any law in the universe and that he is Superman's best friend. That is why Luther's participation in the uprising is secret. Luthor also explains that the atomic bomb did not go off in the other universe because it somehow prevented the transfer of the heroes. He also says that he has been watching the 4 heroes for a long time. He also has a kryptonite-based laser. Green Lantern says if he kills Superman he is no better than him. Batman quickly explains that they don't want to kill him, just incapacitate him. You also need Green Arrows DNA to get the weapon out of the bath cave. Meanwhile, the evil Superman sits in his fortress of solitude until the evil Wonder Woman appears. She notices that the reeducation collar works on Doomsday because words cannot reeducate it. She asks Superman if it's okay for them to be together as she doesn't want to replace Lois. He thinks it's okay. Then Wonder Woman says that Yellow Lantern is and is going. Yellow Lantern shows up and mentions Wonder Woman's new look. He also mentions that he met the doppelgangers.Superman now orders everyone to be found, since he needs to know everything.

Chapter 4: The Joker

In the meantime, the Joker has confiscated a car and drove to the building where the old gang lives. He gets out and notices that his face is painted on the window of a strip club. Now the Batman of his universe attacks the Joker from ambush, but the Joker counters and injures Batman in the leg. This leads to a fight that the joker wins. He now wants to give Batman a dose of his poison, but then he looks up to see Yellow Lantern and the evil Hawkgirl approaching. He now lets Batman lie and overhears them while they arrest Batman. Meanwhile, he checks Superman in the Doomsday Fortress of Solitude. This now gets the message that Batman was caught. Superman is now on his way. Meanwhile, the evil Hawkgirl and Yellow Lantern fly off with Batman. The Joker comes out again and thinks about what he wanted to do. Suddenly the Harley of this universe appears. Joker recognizes her, but she emphasizes that her name is Harleen. She thinks the Joker is a fraud and says he has no right to pretend to be Joker. Joker thinks he's the real one and is joking. Harleen gets angry and fires a warning shot. Joker wins the next fight. Harleen realizes he's the Joker because that's how he moves. He says this isn't his Gotham, but he's still the Joker. Besides being overjoyed, she wants to introduce a few people to him. Meanwhile, Batman's mask has been removed and Bruce is in jail. Superman shows up with Wonder Woman. She wants to praise Yellow Lantern for his work, but Superman realizes that it is the wrong Batman. He now wants to know what the duplicates want here. At the same time, the Joker is giving a speech in the former Arkham Asylum, which has become the hiding place of the Joker clan. Joker says that Superman was responsible for the Metropolis incident. He praises the followers for bothering Superman on his behalf. But he wants to set himself higher goals. He presents the super pill he got from Batman insurgents. He thinks that nothing can happen with this pill and he takes it. He now wants to conquer the world. Suddenly the wall behind him explodes. Superman's troops storm the building. Joker kills one, the other shoots him, but survives on the pill. Now the evil Hawkgirl and the evil Nightwing come in. Hawkgirl grabs Joker and flies further away from the battlefield. Harley shoots after but misses. Now it activates a bat signal. Hawkgirl insults Joker's suit, who thinks it's practical, and sprays acid on her face with it. She drops him and a fight breaks out. He says she is a pretty girl, but the feathers are disturbing. Laughing maliciously, he now goes to her and is about to cut off her wings. Nightwing notices this and throws a shuriken in between. Joker now turns to Nightwing and throws cards at him. Nightwing can evade the last cards. Joker now asks whether Superman's or Batman's boots taste better. Nightwing now describes Batman as a criminal. So he thinks Joker is a hero in his universe. But Joker proves him wrong. So another battle breaks out. When Joker wins, he wants to kill Nightwing. Suddenly the good heroes appear and save the Joker clan. Hawkgirl realizes that they are outmatched and escapes with Nightwing. Harleen thanks the Batman of this universe and Joker joins them. He asks what they want to do now, but Wonder Woman arrests him. Batman asks what he's doing here. Harleen says Joker could be of great help. Green Arrow and Aquaman are now also joining. They ask where Batman is. Joker points to the wrong Batman. This now means that Joker has the same evil eyes as Superman. He then says that Superman has the other Batman. Green Lantern is now proposing a rescue mission. Batman says they have to finish their mission first. Harleen wants to join in, but Batman thinks it better if she goes into hiding with her boys. He also takes jokers with him because he is too dangerous. Meanwhile, in the other universe, cyborg has found a parallel dimension. Flash says they just bring this dimension in so there is no danger to an away team. All you have to do now is modify Flash's Cosmic Treadmill. In the meantime, Lex Luthor meets Deathstroke in the "One-Earth" universe. He joins the uprising because he wants to return the favor.

Chapter 5: Green Arrow

In the meantime, Green Arrow deactivates the protective field around Wayne Manor. Batman now reveals that Superman revealed Bruce's identity and all WayneTech assets were frozen, making Bruce Wayne a Nobody. Green Arrow doesn't understand why Superman was so freaked out. Batman explains that he blamed Joker for destroying Metropolis. Joker made Superman believe that he was fighting Doomsday, but it was Lois. Joker had linked the atomic bomb to Lois' heartbeat, and when she died it was detonated. Green Arrow was killed because he wanted to make Superman understand that his fear is getting the better of him. The entire place around Wayne Manor was destroyed by Superman to be on the safe side. Now Batman and Aquaman have to fetch the bath cave's emergency generator from the study, while Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Wonder Woman switch off the cannons and guard the entrance. After the cannons are switched off, they go to a door that seems to be frozen on the ground. When Green Lantern is about to open the door, she hits him and he is knocked out. on the ground. Green Arrow and Wonder Woman storm the room and Green Arrow shoots an arrow. However, this freezes during the flight and is stopped by Killer Frost. This now sets Grundy loose on Green Arrow and attacks Wonder Woman herself. Arrow dodges Grundy's first attempt at attack. Then he forces Grundy to his knees and climbs on his shoulders. He activates a smoke bomb arrow on Grundy and jumps onto a table. Grundy now grabs Arrow and gives him a head-butt. In an exchange of blows, Grundy takes Arrow and throws it away. Arrow then shoots Grundy with his arrows. Then a fight breaks out. After Grundy is defeated, Green Lantern limps through the door. Green Arrow notices Grundy standing up behind him again. Green Arrow now crouches while Green Lantern hits Grundy and flies after. Now, Killer Frost freezes Wonder Woman. Green Arrow frees her from the ice with an arrow, but she is K.O. Killer Frost now turns to Green Arrow. But he can counter all attacks and a fight breaks out. Arrow wins this and he ties up Frost. Green Lantern reappears and asks if everything is okay, Arrow asks what about Grundy. Lantern says he's in space now. Wonder Woman is back on her feet and Batman joins Aquaman. They make their way to the bath cave. At the same moment, Superman asks Lex Luthor to build a scanner that identifies the duplicates and gives the data of the Batman duplicate. Luthor thinks it will take a couple of weeks. As he leaves, Superman asks Luthor if he thinks there is a Lois in the other universe too. Lex says there was only one Lois. At this time the heroes are in the elevator of the Bath Cave. Green Arrow says he has never seen the Bath Cave. Aquaman asks how Batman kept this a secret, given that Superman seemed to be very thorough. Batman says he made the walls out of lead polymer so he could never find it. Batman now explains that he is keeping the siper weapon hidden here and that it can only be opened with the help of the DNA of Superman's closest allies. But since Green Arrow is dead and the others support Superman, he needs the heroes of the other universe. He now lets Green Lantern uncover a stone and activates a hidden switch. Through this a desk comes out that is provided with different colored switches. Now everyone puts their hand on the switch that suits them. Only Green Arrow is surprised because it is yellow. Now all hands are scanned. This opens the stone that was placed in the middle of the desk and a suitcase appears. Batman controls it quickly and then wants to leave. Suddenly the earth shakes and Batman is able to hide the suitcase. The evil Wonder Woman and Black Adam appear. Black Adam attacks Aquaman and Wonder Woman and Green Lantern help Aquaman. Green Arrow, on the other hand, turns to Wonder Woman. A fight breaks out and Green Arrow wins again. Now Aquaman clings to Black Adam and he flies against the ceiling, whereby Aquaman K.O. goes. Now Green Arrow shoots Black Adam with an arrow tied to a rope and pulls on it. Batman shoots and pulls a grappling hook, Wonder Woman uses the Lasso of Truth, and Green Lantern creates a huge weight that hangs from a chain on Adam. The four of them now move to get Black Adam down. Adam goes down. Arrow takes care of Aquaman and Green Lantern creates a force field around Adam. Adam hits Lantern with a lightning strike and takes Batman and Wonder Woman with him. Only Green Arrow remains untouched, since it is with Aquaman and not with Adam. As a result, another fight breaks out. Green Arrow wins. The others are back on their feet and Batman opens the suitcase. The weapon now appears to be damaged. The kryptonite is still intact, but other parts cannot be repaired. Even with Luthor, they can't build a new one. Arrow suggests they get help.

Chapter 6: Cyborg

Meanwhile, in the other universe, Flash's treadmill was completely modified. Cyborg configures everything and Flash starts running to activate the treadmill. As it goes, something seems to be going wrong. When cyborg wants to turn it off, he is hit by an energy wave and reappears in the other universe. He overhears Luthor talking to Deathstroke. He hears that they want to defeat Superman and then attacks them. Deathstroke now occupies Cyborg while Luthor fetches something. After Cyborg wins, he wishes the other Titans could see that. Now Luthor reappears in his battle suit and a fight breaks out. After Cyborg wins, Batman shows up with the others. They help Luthor get back on his feet and Cyborg asks what he missed. Meanwhile, Superman and Wonder Woman examine the stone in the bath cave. Superman finds out that there was kryptonite in the stone and wants to find it immediately. In the hiding place of the uprising, the heroes are now considering whether they should use the transporter to get reinforcements. Batman says they don't have time and shows them a broadcast in Superman in which he announces the execution of the other Batman. The Batman of the world now says that saving Batman is a top priority. The heroes are now considering using the teleporters of the watchtower to save Batman, but Stryker's Island is protected with teleportation dampers. But only the building, so all you have to do is get Batman out of there. Deathstroke suggests a distraction for Superman. Aquaman wants to take over this. Cyborg now wants to infiltrate the watchtower because he can transform his form into that of the other cyborg. Deathstroke wants to support him, but Cyborg refuses. However, the other heroes persuade him to take Deathstroke with them. Once in the Hall of Justice, Deathstroke disables the communications system while Cyborg procures the teleporter access codes. Cyborg is a bit cheeky about Deathstroke. He says that he has nothing in common with the deathstroke from Cyborg's world. Cyborg knows, however, that Deathstroke tried to kill the Titans in the past. Cyborg goes now and says Deathstroke should be at the teleporter in 15 minutes. Catwoman is just coming out of the teleporter when Cyborg configures the teleporter. Catwoman greets Cyborg and she realizes that there is something different about him. She asks him if it stays tonight. Cyborg says he has new plans. She asks how long it has played a role and Cyborg says they had wild times. Catwoman just tested it and says they didn't have them. Now she exposes him and throws him away from the computer desk. Cyborg won the next fight again. When he tries to turn back to the computer, his legs are suddenly deactivated. The evil cyborg stands behind him and calls Wonder Woman because he has his duplicate. But through Deathstroke's attitudes he talks to the Wonder Woman of the other universe and she deceives him. A hacker duel breaks out between the two cyborgs, in which both try to deactivate each other. Both manage it at the same time, which also removes the deactivation. Another fight breaks out, which the good cyborg wins. Deathstroke is now added. He says Cyborg was the first and it was personal. But Cyborg doesn't believe him, but Deathstroke tells him about the torture.

Chapter 7: Deathstroke

In the watchtower, Cyborg immediately hacks the teleporter, but Deathstroke doesn't think it should be that easy. Cyborg explains that while hacking, the evil cyborg exposed its security logs and Cyborg is slowly starting to like Deathstroke. Deathstroke upset the plan and penetrates further into the watchtower. In the control center, Flash and Black Shazam are discussing the situation. Shazam initially thought it made sense for the bad guys to get what they deserved, but now he doubts. In the background you can see Deathstroke laying the mines. Flash says that Superman will not kill Batman, it is just bait for the Batman of this universe. But Shazam asks what should come next, because what has he done with Green Arrow. Flash now notices that the teleporter is offline. Deathstroke now reveals itself. But when Flash runs towards him, the mines explode. Shazam flies towards Deathstroke, but another mine explodes and hurls him down into the reactor core. Deathstroke jumps after Shazam and they start fighting. Deathroke wins and goes to the reactor core. Flash wakes up again and realizes that Deathstroke defeated Shazam. Deathstroke is overloading the reactor core when Flash tries to stop him. Deathstroke kicks him away and begins to fight. After Deathstroke wins, he returns to Cyborg. He says you have to go. Cyborg asks what's wrong with the reactor. Deathstroke thinks this satellite is important to Superman's regime. Cyborg says he jeopardized the whole mission. Deathstroke is about Superman, not cyborgs Batman. Cyborg reports it to Batman and says he has 90 minutes left. Cyborg will now teleport everyone out. Now Luthor answers and demands to speak to Deathstroke. He is now supposed to procure a technology that can repair Batman's kryptonite emitters. Cyborg asks if Batman knows about it, but Luthor says that otherwise he would want to use the weapon himself, but Luthor would have to do it himself. Because if Batman dies, the uprising will die with it. Luthor is now sending Deathstroke the coordinates. In the meantime, Batman orders Harleen to position her thugs. She agrees. Joker makes fun of her from the cell and she lets him go. She says Batman will kill her, but Joker says he doesn't care about him and they leave. In the other universe, Flash is now trying to repair the treadmill, but it seems hopeless. But Superman doesn't give up. Back at the "One Earth", Wonder Woman is about to go on a mission with Killer Frost. But frost signals an anomaly. She found out where the source is that brought the duplicates. Wonder Woman immediately thinks of the uprising. Frost should send the coordinates to Flash because he can confirm the theory. While Frost is still talking, Wonder Woman is tied up with her lasso by Deathstroke. Frost turns and a fight begins that Deathstroke can win. Wonder Woman has now freed herself and Deathstroke is shooting at her. But she can counter and snatches his pistol from him. Deathstroke insults her and Wonder Woman says she is an Amazon. Deathstroke says their breed is out of date and their technique predictable. Another fight begins. Deathstroke wins again and moves on to technology. He reports to Cyborg and reports that he can teleport him to Luthor. Cyborg now asks Batman if he's ready.

Chapter 8: Batman

Batman has 45 minutes left. Batman says they are in position. On Stryker's Island, thousands of troops, Yellow Lantern, Sinestro, Black Adam, Hawkgirl and Superman watch over the place. Suddenly Aquaman shows up with an army of giant crabs and starts an attack. In the prison wing, Batman and Green Arrow are getting closer and closer. Suddenly Nightwing and Catwoman come up from behind. Catwoman jumps over Nightwing and knocks Batman to the ground. Meanwhile, Arrow fights against Nightwing. Catwoman now sits on top of Batman and greets him. Catwoman apologizes to Batman and says she came to Superman to protect Batman because he said if she helps he'll spare Batman. Catwoman knows he lied, but she bought them time and led him astray. But Batman finds it of no consolation for those who died in his place and throws Catwoman away. She stands up and stands in front of Bruce. She suggests an escape to be free together. Batman says there is no "we" anymore. Catwoman is offended and when Batman wants to continue, Catewoman pushes him away and starts fighting. Batman wins though. Green Arrow tries to persuade Nightwing during his fight. He thinks it's bad of him that he left Batman because of Superman. When Nightwing tries to knock him down, he says he's not Dick Grayson. Batman blocks the blow and says he's Damian Wayne.Nightwing says he's his son, but Superman was more of a father to him than Batman will ever be. Batman says he hasn't been his son since killing Dick Grayson. Because he was his son. Batman wins the next fight again. Arrow is back on his feet and asks Batman if everything is okay after he tied Nightwing. Batman says you have to move on. In the meantime, the giant crabs are fighting Superman's troops with Aquaman. They seem to be winning, but then Superman fights with them. Fortunately, Green Lantern knocks him off with an anvil and Wonder Woman holds him down. But Superman breaks free and throws Wonder Woman away. Now Superman is fighting against Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. In the prison block, however, Batman is currently liberating Batman from the other universe. Just for fun, they blame each other for what happened. Suddenly an arrow hits the side of them. Green Arrow is under a spell and fights against it, but he is controlled by Raven and shoots arrows at Batman. After Batman has fended off everyone, he tries to call Green Arrow, but he evades and a fight breaks out. After Batman wins and Green Arrow kneels on the ground, he tells Raven to show himself. She appears and lets a huge raven fly towards Batman. Before the raven catches him, the other Batman knocks out Raven from behind. Green Arrow stands up again and asks Batman to keep it a secret. Green Arrow and Batman now support the other Batman, weakened by torture, and want to leave. But suddenly Yellow Lantern bursts through the ceiling. Batman sends Green Arrow out with the injured Batman while he's busy Yellow Lantern. Batman wins the argument. Outside, Superman chokes Wonder Woman while eating. But before he kills her, Aquaman hits him with his trident and Green Lantern catches Wonder Woman. Superman now attacks Aquaman, but Aquaman can counter with the help of his trident. Aquaman now hits Superman, but the latter shoots him away with just one blow and takes the trident. When he now flies after and wants to shoot Aquaman with his own trident, Green Lantern creates a kind of cage around him. But he can break free and Green Lantern takes a blow as a result. Lantern is now flying high and Superman is chasing him. Superman is faster and holds Green Lantern's hands behind his back, almost breaking his arm or back. But now he sees that there is a crater in the prison wall. He lets go of Lantern and flies down. Downstairs, the two Batmans and Green Arrow are just leaving the building. They should be teleported away, but Cyborg has technical difficulties. They want to go on but Superman stands in their way. Superman says he won't let himself be fooled. Batman replies that it's not about Joker, it's about him. But Superman is of the opinion that he has perfected this world. But Batman thinks that he is suppressing the others. Superman says he could have saved Metropolis and his family if he hadn't held back. Batman says criminals took his family away too. Superman gets angry and threatens to use heat vision. The 3 heroes jump over the cliff behind them and are teleported away. Superman now notices that they are controlling the watchtower and flies up quickly. But when he is about to fly he notices flames and the tower explodes. Superman hurls it a little and suddenly hears Luther's voice. This says his time is up.

Chapter 9: Lex Luthor

3 hours ago, Luthor was listening to the news while he was upgrading his combat suit. In the news they are reporting the fight between Superman and the giant crabs. A news anchor asks who is leading the attack when Batman is in custody. But they have no idea. Luthor get into his suit and activate everything. Luthor now flies over the city, but suddenly heat missiles pursue him. He can fend them off with his protective shield, but then he crashes. He then receives the damage report on the ground. This says that the reserve energy has been used up and that solar charging still needs 15 minutes. Now the Joker comes up with a rocket launcher. Joker says that his beautiful suit is now broken, and he means Luther's suit. Harleen says the suit matches Joker's eyes. Luthor says that if Superman is to lose, they should make way. He explains that he wants to kill Superman. Joker wants to work together and asks Harleen to help Luthor out of "his" suit. Luthor wins the next fight. Furious, Joker fires Harleen and calls her a loser. Harleen is shocked and Joker wants to cut her open with his knife as a severance payment. Luthor tries to stop him, but he doesn't hear. Before he stabs, Luthor shoots him and Joker loses his knife. Luthor wins the following fight as well. When the Joker is on the ground, Harleen takes the knife and packs the Joker. She threatens to kill him, but Luthor calms her down. She wonders how the Joker could get her back, Luthor says it's not her fault. Harleen lets go of the lying Joker and Luthor says she is over him now. Now the boys from the Joker clan appear and want to attack Luthor. Harleen stops them, however, because Luthor is on their side, but Joker is not. You lock the Joker back in and continue to cause trouble. Now Luthor should call Superman. Meanwhile, Green Lantern is fighting against Yellow Lantern. When Green Lantern hits Yellow Lantern, he is attacked from behind by Black Adam and Hawkgirl. His defenses are breached, but Luthor uses missiles to repel Adam and Hawkgirl. Green Lantern is now supposed to help Wonder Woman. Luthor flies through between Adam and Hawkgirl. They then pursue him. In the middle of the chase, Luuthor suddenly brakes and Hawkgirl and Black Adam fly past him. Now Luthor shoots many small heat-seeking missiles at them from the back. Both are hit and fall to the ground. Luthor flies to Hawkgirl. She is climbing out of a crater and is about to take her mace, but Luthor pushes it away. He now demands her ninth metal belt, as this gives her her strength. She refuses and Luthor offers her another chance to end it without bloodshed. She refuses and quickly flies around Luthor. So that he doesn't get her and she can take her mace. She hits Luthor, but is repulsed by his schoild. Luthor wins the following fight again. He now wants to take her belt off, but suddenly Black Shazam attacks him and throws him away. When Luthor hits the ground, Shazam flies up, but Luthor activates his shields. When Luthor Shazam flies in, the latter throws him away. Shazam, shocked, asks since when Luthor has been on the side of the uprising. Luthor thinks since he kept them like sheep. Shazam thinks Superman just wanted her best. But Luthor says that they are not his toys and that Superman is not a god. After Luthor wins the argument, he learns that his suit is damaged again. Suddenly a bright flash of light shines in the sky. Luthor learns it was the watchtower and makes sure there were no casualties. He also learns that Superman is unscathed. Now he shouts to Superman that his time is up. When Superman flies towards him, Luthor waits until Superman is within range for the super weapon. Unfortunately, when Shazam tries to fire, Luthor flashes lightning and his suit is damaged. Superman is now crashing into Luthor. Superman calls Luthor a cheater, but Luthor thinks Superman is the cheater. Superman now rips Luthor out of his suit. Luthor calls Superman's peace a joke and Superman strangles Luthor in front of Shazam's eyes. Suddenly, Superman hears many voices criticizing Superman for what he did and condemning him for it. He can't stand it and flies away. Shazam looks after it, frightened.

Chapter 10: The Flash

Meanwhile, the evil heroes consult in their base. They think they have to stop the duplicate uprising. Superman sits behind wondering if humanity is grateful for his protection. No, they are ungrateful. Superman says if you want chaos you should have it. He says they are erasing Gotham and Metropolis to make an example, then he wants to invade the other dimension. Now Shazam, Yellow Lantern and Flash are added. Shazam thinks it's going too far. Wonder Woman thinks it's good. Shazam gets upset, saying there must be limits, especially for her. Superman thinks it's enough. Shazam continues to criticize him and says Lois would never approve of that. Superman furiously grabs Shazam by the neck. Shazam wants to use the gods rumble but Superman freezes his mouth. Now he lasers Shazam's head with his heat eye and Shazam is dead. Now there is calm. Superman orders Cyborg and Raven to take control of all media, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and Blach Adam come with him, Sinestro is to prepare his ground forces and Yellow Lantern and Flash are to prepare Doomsday. Superman looks down at Shazam's body one more time and then leaves. Grundy, Flash and Lantern are now around Shazam's body. Grundy takes it now and goes to bury it. Flash and Lantern start arguing, as Flash thinks Shazam was right. Flash now thinks that they do not improve anything in this world. Flash now wants to get out. He says goodbye to Lantern and wants to run away, but Lantern projects a force field in the door. Lantern wants to dissuade him. However, due to its speed, Flash can move through that force field. Lantern now reluctantly fights Flash, and Flash wins. After that, Grundy comes back. He wants to crush Flash because he has ripped off Lantern. After Grundy is defeated, Flash starts running. During his run, he notices Sinestro's rendezvous. He runs over and overhears a speech. During the speech, deserters are said to be executed. When the firing squad steps forward, Flash runs off and removes their weapons from every troop in the army, including the firing squad. Flash confronts Sinestro, but the latter projects shackles around Flash and throws him several times against the ground and then up to Wayne Manor. Sinestro flies after and they start fighting. Flash wins this fight, of course. But he doesn't leave Sinestro lying around, but builds a small pyramid around him. Now he wants to deliver a warning to the insurgents. In the insurgents' hiding place, Green Arrow is sharpening his arrows and looking at a picture of Black Canary. Now Flash appears. He is happy to see Arrow but he shoots an arrow at Flash. Flash intercepts the arrow and asks where his Batman is. Arrow means where there is no murderer. Flash says Arrow can't hit him, but Arrow says he didn't try and he jumps away. Now Flash looks at the arrow and notices that it has a time detonator. The arrow explodes, enveloping Flash in a cloud of explosion. Arrow comes out again and begins to fight. Flash wins the fight. He then says that he is on his side and wants to help him up because he has something to say.

Chapter 11: Wonder Woman