Why was Hagrid expelled?

Rubeus Hagrid's wand

The Magic wand by Rubeus Hagrid is 16 "long, and made from oak wood[1], the nuclear material is unknown. This wand is the longest ever made except for Lucius Malfoy's wand, which measured 18 "in length. The wand is said to be" quite pliable " [1] described. This staff was broken when Hagrid was banned from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in his third year. [2] and either repaired or replaced at some point prior to being picked up by Harry on Harry's eleventh birthday. The wand was probably hidden inside an umbrella.


Shouldn't have lost control, but it didn't work out anyway. Wanted to turn him into a pig, but I think he was so much like a pig that there wasn't much left to do.
- Hagrid ponders Dudley's porktail mishap in 1991.[src]

The wand could have been repaired in some form (possibly by Dumbledore with the Elder wand, as this wand has the power to repair broken wands). When Hagrid picks Harry up from the hut the Dursleys are hiding in, Hagrid is able to light a fire and cook sausages and speed up the boat as he and Harry leave the hut. Yet his complete failure to transform Dudley Dursley could be due either to the inability of the wand to perform such complex spells or to the fact that, after being expelled in his third year, Hagrid is unable to do more than that to pig tail as Dudley. Or perhaps taken less seriously, Dudley might already bear such a resemblance to a pig that there was nothing for Hagrid to do but tail it off.

Hagrid also used Aguamenti to put out his burning one in the summer of 1997 after it was set on fire by Thorfinn Rowle.


  • J. K. Rowling said the following about Hagrid's wand wood: Hagrid, for example, has an oak wand, although according to this Celtic system he should have an elderwood wand; in Great Britain the oak is "king of the forest" and symbolizes strength, protection and fertility; what other wood could Hagrid "choose"?[3]
  • In contrast to the abilities of Hagrid's fragmented wand after Hermione's spell broke Harry's wand in Godric's Hollow in 1997, Harry is only able to physically mend it; or rather, despite the use of Reparo, the use of minor spells is ineffective, and attempts at major spells break the wand again until Harry was able to gain Lord Voldemort's Elder Wand; this wand possessed the magical ability to completely repair Harry's original holly phoenix feather wand. It appears that Albus Dumbledore had repaired Hagrid's wand to some extent when he was in possession of the Elder wand, possibly refraining from a full repair for fear of Hagrid's many wild properties and some awkwardness regarding complex spells.
  • It could also be possible that Dumbledore completely repaired Hagrid's wand with the Elder wand, but Hagrid wasn't good enough to perform complex spells as he rarely used magic and Hagrid could have used his umbrella only to hide his wand, because he wasn't allowed to do magic. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 he uses his wand to raise the wedding tent.
  • In the film adaptation of the Half-Blood Prince, Hagrid is the only one who does not raise a wand after Dumbledore's death.
  • Perhaps the tip and shaft of the umbrella are actually the two ends of Hagrid's wand.


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