Trains will ever be out of date

The Intercity 2: the second generation

From my point of view as a business traveler, after 2 years of using the IC2, some comments on marketing underwear from the text above:

- "This includes the equipment with comfortable seats ..."

Do you have to say something about that? The fact that this is cited as a sales argument without irony is a testament to absolute audacity.

- "Significantly wider doors, a lower step height and larger vestibules make it easier for you to get in and out, especially if you are traveling with a bicycle or a stroller, in a wheelchair or simply with bulky luggage."

Great, for that I have to heave the bulky luggage over several steps to the upper or lower area. Net I have to overcome more steps than any other train before. Is that a lie or is it still marketing?

- “This not only makes it easier for you to get through the doors in the Intercity 2, there is also enough space in the car to stow your suitcases and bags well. There are six large luggage racks per trolley and additional storage space for sports equipment and prams. "

The fact that luggage can NO longer be stored in place on long-haul trips, as has been customary for about 100 years, is diligently concealed.

- "Once everything is finally stowed away, you will find your seat that offers you just as much legroom as in the ICE."

Yes yes, the great seat. I can't say whether that's true with the legroom. I don't believe the marketing experts at Deutsche Bahn any more. In order to be able to sit at all, I have to push the seat forward. Does the comparison with the ICE still fit? And what are the few inches of legroom worth if you can't adjust the backrest. Right: NOTHING!

- "Air-sprung drives, carpets in 1st and 2nd class and well-padded seats reduce driving and conversation noises so that you can enjoy a pleasant journey."

Well padded seats? LOL! Carpets? WOW!

- “Our service staff on board will take care of your physical well-being, and will serve you with delicious snacks to satisfy your hunger on the way directly at your seat.”

In German, this means that you cannot get something when you are thirsty or hungry, but have to seize every opportunity that presents itself (about once every few hours). I have never seen the service on some routes.

- “Built-in cellular repeaters improve reception on the train, so that you can use your time to make phone calls and surf the Internet. We recommend that you reserve a seat in the cell phone area so as not to disturb other passengers. "

In German, it means that it will not be standard for Deutsche Bahn in 2020 to offer WiFi on a LONG-LONG TRAIN.

- "You can comfortably place your laptop on the folding tables with extension bars and use the travel time to work or watch films."

A calculator can be stably placed on this folding table. Everything else is too big to work on.

- "So that the battery can last the whole journey, there is a socket on each of the double seats, and in 1st class also on single seats."

A socket, not in the middle, no, on the outside wall. Have fun laying the cables over the person sitting next to you. Really smart!

The sad thing is that I could overlook all the shortcomings if you could at least sit properly, just sit back every now and then and sleep through the fun. But not possible, because you are sitting bolt upright like 100 years ago in the wood class and your head cannot be put down. But the main thing is that 4 people more can fit in each car.